Blacksmith Implemented!

I just finished the blacksmith quest! Spent about two hours last night implementing a five-minute long love letter to one of my favourite games as part of that quest… it’s awesome, you’ll find out on Friday, etc.

Yeah, things look like they’re on track for Friday. the blacksmith quest is done, the weapon upgrade process is implemented, and that’s all done and set to go. I’m going to spend most of tonight putting together the Thriex delivery quest, which is fairly straightforward compared to the blacksmith thing.

However, there are two big jobs I need to complete that are going to drive me crazy. One is the relationship systems. Each girl requires a lot of writing to get this done, and it’s a pain to have to write for like five girls at once. Hopefully, it’ll be easier when I’m implementing one or two girls at a time.

The other thing is that I realized I want is that there should be a sound effect when you get the relationship up message when you give a girl a gift. It’s just copy and pasting a sound effect step into every girl’s gift process, but I have to go and do this twelve times for every girl I’ve already completed. So, yeah, that’ll be a good hour of work.

Anyway, keep in touch guys. I kind of want to do a “mail bag” Q&A type entry at some point, so please email me at, post a comment, or drop me a line on the Hentai High forums, so I can answer your questions!

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