Design Goals for June Release

It’s that time of the month, gentlemen. Here are my design goals and objectives for the next release. (We didn’t do this last month because May’s goals were all the shit I didn’t get done in April)

Last Friday I took an hour and made the last bit of the satisfaction book context sensitive. So, now that’s done, and demonstrates what the theme of the next update will be: going back and fixing/finishing all the little stuff that I’ve been ignoring in favour of big, meaty chunks of content.

So, what else is getting done?

-Items and skills are getting re-organized and re-jiggered in general. Not a big deal for you guys, but for me it’ll make designing new content infinitely easier. Your old saves won’t be good anymore though, but that’s sort of okay, because…

-Extended opening with credits has been written and planned and just needs to be made in the game

-Relationship and chat interactions for Lilac, Violet, Randi, the item shop girl,  and Larelle

-The quest tracking function will be removed from Alina and put in an adventure log item you can use from the inventory.

-There will be a “chat anywhere” function implemented in the game, letting you speak to party members and have they comment on your current mission.

-Continue doing character makeovers- next up will be Alina, Randi and Therese.

-Continue implementing CG for older sex scenes.

-Implement the various consequences for having buildings destroyed during the zombie assault on Lumberhill.

-Continue to squash bugs, etc.

If there are any new quests or content, it’ll be something small, more like the package delivery quest than any of the larger missions.

Next release is June 19th for donors and June 26th for the public.

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