Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd

Okay, so the October release is almost done. I’ve been writing sex scenes all day, so hopefully they won’t be as terrible as I fear, but the nice thing is that most of them have CGs and it’s pretty easy to just ignore the text in favour of looking at the pretty pictures.

I’ve also had the Nostalgia Chick playing the background all day (that’s what I do- instead of playing music while I work, I listen to really long internet videos) and happened upon the “Sexual Awakening of the Human Nerd” things, which made me laugh. But it did inspire me to write this brief post.

Back in the day had a massive crush on Princess Daphne from Dragon’s Lair. She was my first “nerd crush” and pretty much started me on the path that brought me to hentai and h-games. I played Dragon’s Lair for the first time on a home laserdisc machine of all things, which dates me terribly.

Unfortunately, my mom caught me playing the opening movie over and over again while engaged in “other recreation activity” and trashed the disc. Tragic. I wouldn’t experience that level of moe again until many years later when Sailor Moon got translated. Unlike a lot of guys my age, I pretty much skipped over the whole Jessica Rabbit/Disney Princess thing.

If you also want to share your first nerd fantasy/provide free market research, please share in the comments. I’ve got maybe a couple hours of work left on the October release, so backers check your in-boxes a little bit later.

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  1. Luckily I was never caught like you were. ^^
    Given that I’m probably older than you and all the Anime I could get at the time were bootleg VHS or Video CDs or TV… I remember there was a series of the harem genre that aired once and then never again. I forgot the name. The guy was in a love triangle with his stepsister and his high school coed and I had a crush on the step sister… I must have been 12 yo or so. Before that I got strangely aroused by Pipi Longstockings if that counts.

    Anyway, about your battler request. Are you asking for drawn art or would a TDCG char work for you?

    1. I am looking for drawn art, specifically to match the art style of the default battlers, which has kind of been the sticking point.

      Specifically, I’d be looking for battlers of Therese, Larelle, and a couple other characters.

  2. My first crush was Morrigan Aensland from Dark Stalkers. The combination of personality, costume, Irish accent, and general power level hit me pretty hard. While I’ve “moved on” since then I still tend to prefer characters that are somewhat similar like Rider from Fate/Stay Night, Naga the Serpent from Slayers, and Shion from Koihime.

  3. I was simple first one was rogue from the x-men cartoons, but the nerdiest/sad thing I did was look up skirts as kid on n64 oh the days before I found my dad’s stash of playboys in his bathroom…

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