*appears from inside The Box* Freedom~!

Eh okay, not really, all the fun topics I wanted to write about got veto’d. I should’ve filibustered. With cat ears on. Maybe a tail.
NoMoshing has abandoned you once again, leaving you in Nekochan’s loving (?) care.
I joked once with NoMoshing that with the editing permissions he gave me I could start writing posts and make shit I find amusing canon. Like, let’s see, Elaiya wet the bed as a child. There. That’s canon now. (No, it’s not.)
I wonder about really weird things in the HC universe, like how would a dinner party in the manor go? Poor Penelope struggling to make a nice dinner for like 10+ people every night (based on the current number of recruitable ladies)…Alina and Meline are fighting over seats next to the hero…Yamamaya eating all the things…Doll waiting for the hero to remember to give her permission to eat…Healbot hiding under a table to avoid all the insanity…the blacksmith locked outside because the hero couldn’t be bothered to let him in for dinner…
I also imagine that Randi has secret parties at the Eastfort Condo when the hero is staying at the Northmarket manor. Invites all the soldiers. Big ones. Full of sperm. (Too obscure?)
Do you dear blog readers have any “head canon” moments you think occur when the hero isn’t out questing? Or maybe while questing?
The last time I wrote a post I picked out songs that I associate with the characters that had been introduced to that points so since I have your undivided attention…Round 2!
Note: NoMoshing probably doesn’t share my opinion.
First – characters who haven’t gotten any love yet:
Stupid Healbot: I wish I was someone better – Blood Red ShoesIs it just me or does the drummer look like an older Healbot and the guitarist looks a bit like Alina? No? Just me?
Florine: A toss-up between two songs by Marina & the Diamonds, Primadonna and How to be a Heartbreaker
Larelle: Master Passion Greed –Nightwish I like listening to this song during her boss fight. =)
And now for a revision from my last list (because I can):

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  1. no stupid healbot! LOVE HEALBOT!! <3

    Headcannon: Florine’s ‘list’ is really quite long, and includes things that are done part for t3h seckz and part for lulz (like dressing more subby males in girls clothes and humiliating them) I could talk for hours about Florine’s ‘list’ and the htings I thin kare on it tho ahahahah

  2. I’ve had fun before imagining how hilariously awkward it must have been for Alina and Therese to be related. The same to Therese and Larelle sharing adjacent dungeon cells. You just KNOW those two were arguing with each other all the time whenever Hero wasn’t around. Yamamaya probably bugs the crap out of the maids and Alina, too, because she keeps making a mess coming inside after nocturnal monster hunting and leaving carcasses at the foot of Hero’s bed. She’s a handful in the parties too I bet because they’d always have to talk her down. “Let’s fight a dragon! >:3” “No.” “Fine. A giant!” “No.” “An ogre?” “No.” “A mage? :c” “Maybe.” “AN OGRE MAGI! :D” “No!”

    Oh yeah. And Meline. Invoker Meline must have had fun explaining that to Therese. “So, I met an angel.” “What? YOU?” “Yup. You know how you always say fucking my brother is wrong? :3” “….” “Ya know how—” “Yes…” “Apparently she was into that. She thought it was kinky. *half-lying*” “Lies! Stop slandering the angels! You’ve never met one!” “Did too! Did too!” “Did not! Did not!” Harem collector is fun to imagine about… the characters are all well written.

    Also, I humbly offer an alternative song for Yamamaya.

    She’s the fucking king of the world, Slavers, and you’d better get on your knees before she makes you.

    1. That’s a pretty badass song. I clearly need to expand my horizons more.

      If you’ve got a song that speaks to you more than the ones I picked by all means share! Everyone has their own image of the characters and their own interpretations. My picks for songs are no more valid than anyone else’s. My only advantage is that I get to post them on the blog since I weaseled my way into editing permissions.

      Something that I’m sure No Moshing regrets more and more every day. ^_^

    2. I can actually see that conversation between Meline and Therese happening. In fact when talking to your party is possible you could make it where you hear them talking to each other instead of you as well as talking to you. Also, the band Globus might have some good songs for the characters of this game.

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