Harem Collector December 2013

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List of Changes:

-“Harem” Menu option re-enabled, but is probably buggy somehow. You have been warned.

-Westcastle Outer District has been re-designed to be less total shit and have a bunch of semi-interesting stuff to see.

-There is a new Adventurer’s Guild quest guest starring Gargan in Westcastle. Go check it out.

-Once you reach 15 Fame, you will now be invited to become a Journeyman of the Adventurer’s Guild! You even get another little party and everything!

-There have been some small bug fixes, but not nearly as much as I’d like there to be.

-Merry Christmas and happy fapping from me and the entire Harem Collector team!

Edit: Fixed the most pressing bugs and uploaded a new version. The opening, the Christmas present code, and new quest should all work properly now. Also, I only uploaded it to Zippyshare because I don’t have enough time to upload it three times.


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  1. during the introduction the guildmaster says gargan couldn’t make it… yet he’s sitting right there.

    and.. uh… i can’t get out of the introduction… is there something new i have to do besides talk to the peoples and get drunk?

    1. One of the switches was implemented wrong on the Guildmaster and is pulling text from the Journeyman celebration too early. It’s an easy fix so I’ll see if I can get NoMoshing to upload another version.

    1. it’s for entering a certain code that wiki contributors got for being nice people.

      no, i won’t tell you what it is but im sure somebody else will *rolls eyes*

      i dont even use it because it’s a game beaking reward

    1. The above was wrong, to start the new quest you need to go to the adventurer’s guild in Westcastle and the leftmost paper has the quest, but for some reason it appears ripped. I had to delete the 3rd event page to make the paper spawn, so that one is messing up the quest somehow I guess.

  2. I’m interested, but every single one of download sites wants to put their own “downloader” onto my system drive. Any chance of uploading it to, say, Mediafire, where they may bomb you with ads but at least don’t ask you to download intrusive .EXE files?

    1. NoMoshing used to use Mediafire, but they have a no porn policy so when games of this type are discovered they get pulled down (which happened sometime in the summer I think?). After that, NoMoshing went to another site. He is looking into other solutions.

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