The Fix is In

A bunch of bug fixes, but relatively light on new content.
Also: I had to change the skill and class tables, so if you transfer a save over things are going to be weird. However, there is a demon in your bedroom who will happily change everything and make it all copacetic in case you would prefer that Yamamaya wasn’t a paladin or whatever.
Also also: Mega was trolling me. Literally- the upload completion bar started going down at a certain point, and then I said “fuck it”.

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    1. speaking of errors crashing the game attempting to use the harem list just gave me an error: script ‘harem list’ line 37 nomethoderror undefined method ‘[]’ for nil:NilClass. at a guess it’s probably because i tried to use the list before i had any girls in my harem.

  1. having issues with getting laraelle to submit after capturing her ( assuming you still need around 21 relationship points to get her out without collaring)

  2. i love this game very much but why can’t i sell any armour or weapons.
    after a wile i get to many armour and some of them are equiped after optmization whitch i don’t want. so i want them out of my inventory.

  3. Hei NoMoshing, a couple bugs where found by importing my save files and talking to the imp. The “Harem” menu item appears twice; the combat characters were reverted to their original classes, but most where put back to level 9 from 10 (9 is 1 level less than the Hero) and Elayia to 18.

  4. I seem to be inflicted with poison that can’t be removed by antidote (or cleanser). Tried dying and reviving and even that doesn’t remove the poison status. 1 more thing I noticed is that when acquired, it says ‘antidote’ but is named cleanser within your inventory.

  5. So I import my save and talk to the imp. Elayia and Chimei are somehow level 20 and Larelle is level 19, everyone else got bumped down to level 10 (hero was level 11). Yamamaya’s axe cannot be equipped. I think that happened because somehow everyone’s weapons were moved to the inventory and it’s normally not possible to interact with Yamamaya’s weapon slot.

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