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First of all, I just wanted to reiterate that I now have a twitter feed if you want to track the game’s progress on a daily basis. Following the feed will get you a sneak preview on what’s coming up in the future, as well as give you that special voyeuristic thrill that a blog just can’t deliver. Also, I’m finding so far that updating the twitter feed while I work is really helping stay focused and be productive, so that’s always a good thing.

Okay, so that said, I figured I’d take this week to go over a sort of “release schedule”, or the closest thing that passes for one in this neighborhood.

February 2014
Bad Kitty Games Website: That’s right, we’re going to have our own website for Harem Collector and side projects. It’s probably not going to be hugely awesome, but I will be relocating the blog to it. Also: one download link that everyone will be able to use! Just a head’s up though- we will be running ads on the site, but solely to pay for the site itself. I’m going to aim for something very low-key.

One Year Anniversary Update: Harem Collector turns one year old this Valentine’s Day! Don’t worry, Pedobear approves. So there will be a brand new update in February with all sort of cool new stuff for you to see and explore and put your virtual penis into.

April 2014

Didi’s Debut: For the first time since last August, a totally new character will be joining the Harem Collector… harem. This will be in addition to a slew of new content that will come with every update from now on!

May 2014
Dungeon Assault No Mercy Edition: Just in time for the one-year anniversary of Dungeon Assault, a ground-up redesign of the RPG Maker roguelike made by yours truly. If the original Dungeon Assault was a proof-of-concept, this is the finished product.  New features will include:

  • Over fifty unlockable characters
  • A 50+ floor dungeon to explore
  • Identifiable items to experiment with
  • The ability to move between floors
  • A home base town where you can rest and resupply between excursions
  • Achievements
  • More and more of that sweet retro roguelike style

Backers of Harem Collector will be invited to beta test Dungeon Assault: No Mercy starting in March.

June 2014
Production Begins on Project Norn:   My next evenings-and-weekends project will be Project Norn, an h-game RPG inspired by the SMT: Persona games. You will play an average college student who, on the summer solstice, discovers that the well behind his apartment building is capable of transporting him to a bizarre otherworldly city inhabited by demons, spirits, gods and monsters. Many of the city’s denizens bear a strange resemblance to people you encounter in the normal world, and a mythic connection allows you to make your allies on one side of the well stronger by forming bonds with their counterparts on this side.
Discover mythic and arcane secrets while also having to navigate the world of classes, part time jobs, dating, and, of course, getting the rent in on time. And yes, this will be another hentai game.

August 2014
Elves!: The elven village in Harem Collector will finally be implemented in August if not June. My plans for new content after April are hazy-yet-flexible, but August is my deadline for elves.

February 2015
(Hopefully) Final Version of Harem Collector: Now, don’t get me wrong, Harem Collector will be done when it’s done, but I’m hoping to end ongoing development of Harem Collector by it’s two-year birthday. There will be ongoing tweaks and rebalances, but I want all core content out by this time.

So, that’s it. All of this is subject to change- the nice thing about self-publishing with very little overhead is that I can change my own deadlines at need- but as a rough guide to how the next year will play out, it’ll do.

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  1. what what what. A persona parody where you can explore mazes, have a daily life and bang dem love interests? Now that’s something that sounds awesome, count me in!

    If you’d only put in a character like Elisabeth, everything would be just perfect.

  2. Hello im new user here and just downloaded the game and got a question about the menu, i got 2 Quests tabs and 2 harem tabs when i press the other harem tab my game crashes is there supposed to be 2 tabs for both?

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