I have a confession to make: I love Achievements. Oh, you can call them “Trophies” or “Challenges” or what have you, but the basic idea is the same: A means of tracking your in-game accomplishments that you can show your friends or merely admire on your own. And while many people don’t live achievements, the truth is they’re far more ubiquitous than most people admit. Take, for example, Sengoku Rance.

“But wait, No Moshing,” you might say if you were my convenient strawman, “Isn’t Sengoku Rance a hentai game with dubcon and weird stuff? There’s no way that Sengoku Rance would see an Xbox release!” While that is true, feast your eyes:

 Sengoku Rance uses a scoring system to determine what unlocked extras you get to use in subsequent playthroughs. You start with a certain amount of points for the difficulty you’re on, and lose one point for every turn you take. Clearing characters’ relationship sideplots grants two extra points per, and there are five other achievements that add to your score- Beat Orochi, Beat the Youkai King, have sex with 300 women, find 6 treasures, and have an army of 30k troops or more.
 On top of that, the system info page also demonstrates how far you are along in the game’s story mode.

That’s, basically a whole bunch of achievements with an in-game mechanic attached. On an Xbox it’d look like:

Beat Youkai King (10G)
Fuck 300 women (10G)

…and so on. Why am I explaining this? Because when I say that I’d like to introduce achievements to Harem Collector that you don’t immediately think of that annoying “Boop” sound from Xbox 360 games and want to strangle me.

I don’t know if I will, though- achievements are the sort of thing that work best when front-ended onto a game and adding them a quarter of the way through development like this will probably lead to bugs and problems. So here’s a preview/tease about what achievements would be in the game if I could.

Dawson’s Dream: Collect all 100 Dark Seeds
This one is fairly self-explanatory- collecting all the Dark Seeds in the game woul be quite a feat, and earn you a little recognition as well as the reward for the 100th Seed.

Middle Kingdom Champion: Defeat Evanie the Sword-Saint with only the Hero
While Evanie will show up later in the game, soloing her the first time you meet her would offer up this achievement.

One Man Army: Defeat the Orc Chieftain, Zombie Bard, and Leon the Steel-Hearted with only the Hero.
Later on, there might be more names to add to this list, but the basic idea is to reward the player for soloing the non-optional “Leader”-type  bosses with the Hero. If this list becomes too large, it could easily be pared down to “Leader-type bosses who actually represent military leaders”, dropping stuff like the Zombie Bard.
Who is Leon the Steel-Hearted? He’s the only other “Leader-type” boss I have planned for right now, and will be the final boss of the Eastfort questline.

OSHA Compliant: Complete The Virgin Gynocides without knocking Borgen unconscious.
One those cool “alternate path” sort of things, if you convince Borgen to give you both keys without dropping a [REDACTED] on him. Not that that is possible in the January Update, because I still have to add that alternate path, but it should be ready for February.

Taste the Rainbow: Deal every kind of elemental damage in one combat without using scrolls.
This is *almost* possible in the current build of the game- the only thing you’d be missing is an item which exists but I haven’t set to drop anywhere.

Results May Vary: Do something terrible and get away with it.
This achievement would unlock in a number of different ways- for lowering the pay of the kids at the cannery during Cannery Can-Can, raping the maid during Ain’t No Party Like A Search Party, drugging Yamamaya with catnip, and other things like that. It’d basically be a 0-point “shame on you” sort of thing.

Switch Hitter: Have sex with a man.
There are currently two opportunities in the hero for the Hero to get a taste of vitamin D, and there probably will be more- I find the idea of such an aggressively heterosexual man constantly ending up in situations where he has to “Take one for the team” to be pretty funny. This achievement would simply recognize the fact that your Hero has a little more… variety of experience than is canon.

There’d also be less interesting ones for plot completion, and more interesting ones for secret bosses and such, but this gives you a basic idea of what I had in mind.

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  1. I’m cool with achievements, I just hope you don’t add ones in the vein of “do X in < Y time” because I prefer to take my time and be a completionist. Also, will the achievements be shared across multiple save files or locked to one playthrough? Basically, will I be able to get them all in one playthrough, or can/do I have to do multiple playthroughs to get them all?

  2. Ahh, the usual score attack runs on Sengoku. It was one of the most engaging points of the game, trying to unlock every unfair bonus for the hell of it, and then getting enough points to deploy most of them and crush half of JAPAN fast.

    I still wouldn’t recommend unlocking Takeda to my worst enemy, though, that bonus was insane to get.

  3. My problem with the dark seeds is that some of them are perma-missable. I feel that if you’re going to have collectibles, you shouldn’t put any in places that will be locked off later in the game. It makes a player go through the game constantly thinking ‘am I missing any collectibles?’ and just generally makes things unfun.

    As for bosses, I would love it if there was an option for the Hero to just say ‘Don’t worry, girls, I got this.’ to initiate a solo battle. Possibly, if you lose that battle, you could get a second chance using the rest of your party but not the Hero, and then afterwards a cutscene with the party berating the Hero for his macho idiocy.

    Oh, and on the topic of the cannery. I’ve been meaning to say this for a while, but never got around to it: I would love if there was an alternate way to resolve that quest. I tend to play my Hero as more of a ‘chaotic good who genuinely thinks women are better off enslaved to him’ than a ‘chaotic neutral’, so I would love it if there was a way to, for example, lead a workers revolt ending up with the children running the cannery as sort of a communist ‘workers controlling the means of production’ collective. For extra funsies, you could have the children say things like ‘Glory to the revolution!’ and ‘Death to capitalist pigdogs!’ afterwards, just to give the Hero an ‘I think I’ve created a monster’ moment.

  4. >Switch Hitter: Have sex with a man.
    No, absolutely no. Please do not ruin your game. Your hero is a heterosexual man so please keep as it.
    True, it is funny to have a macho hard gay like Diao Chan in Koihime Musou to constantly harass the hero. But it is a completely different to including homosexual.
    It will ruin your game so please do not include homosexual, especially homosexual involve the main hero. Please.

    And for achivement system, i recommened you this game: Vitamin Plus
    the guy doing it manages to includes a whole achivement system that world alsmost identical to game on PS3 or stream.

    last world, please, no homosexual please.

    1. it matter because no matter what kind of content the game has, i will definetely seek it out.

      IMO, only by completing 100% of the game, i am showing my respect and being grateful toward the people who has spent a lot of their time to make the game, especially if it is a freeware.

    2. I appreciate that. Keep in mind, though, that the homosexual encounters in the game are played for laughs, glossed over, and then forgotten. With the exception of the bunny “girl” in the Pink Banana, they’re not even optimal.

  5. I wouldn’t really include plot stuff to the achievements… it kind of sucks the achievement out of it when just beating the first boss gets you one.

    1. I don’t mind that, myself. I know it doesn’t seem like an “achievement” in the strict sense, but offering achievements like that to mark your progress can be part of the carrot that encourages people to advance in a game.

      The closest thing that HC would have for that sort of thing, though, is to offer an achievement for completing the introductory quests- Maid to Order, Na Na Why Don’t You Get a Job, One is The Lonliest Party, and A Forge Too Far.

  6. Hi,thanks for all the hard work this is a great RPG game but I have a problem (it’s urgent because I can’t continue playing like this…)
    There is a bug or something I don’t know after I fought those zombies in “The night of the raping dead” mission my main character kept losing health I thought he was gonna turn to a zombie or something so I left him like that but after one hour of playing nothing has changed and he kept losing health even after he sleeps/heals/drinks potions….he doesn’t even die when his hp reaches the minimum lvl…IS IT BUG OR SOMETHING THAT CAN BE HEALED? THANKS FOR ANSWERING MY QUESTION BECAUSE I CANT CONTINUE PLAYING LIKE THIS <— CAPSLOCK HERO

  7. Answers with a stupid face: YESH

    hahaha so that’s it I didn’t notice I equiped that item right before it happened…Bam *the stupid changeling, cretin, half-wit, imbecile, moron, retard … stupid,simple, slow, thick, dull, naive, dim, dense, dumb (informal), deficient, crass, gullible, … Kills himself (what a tragedy).

    Thanks sir!

  8. So…I have become a Journeyman and now I have no mission to do..Is this where the current available gameplay ends? (When I go to the eastern town’s guild they tell me that I have no card when I go back home I find nothing there the same dialogue the same stuff.

    Waiting for future updates..

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