“I’ll Do My Best, Master!”

First off, thank you to everyone who expressed their support and sent offers of help last week. I’m glad that the response was so overwhelmingly positive, although I don’t really want to have similar blog posts in the future. MWL and I now have a tentative plan so it’ll be easier to make progress on the game and move past this difficult time.

So, today we’re going to talk about Elaiya.

I’ve been planning Elaiya’s Love Quest for awhile now- she, along with Doll, were the two characters whose Love Quests were fundamental and I had elements of the quests in mind from the beginning. It’s going to be interesting when the next release happens and you can compare Meline’s quest to Elaiya’s because Meline was never intended to have a quest to begin with. Newer fans might not be able to recall, but back in the day when Meline reached 101 Relationship points, you just received the reward right there.

 Anyway, I have the plans, and it’s going to be the most complex Love Quest available. There are branching bits in case you’ve met certain NPCs, the dungeon is going to be non-linear, and there will be two boss fights, one of which will be a solo duel with just Elaiya. The duel will allow Elaiya to use her “Stealth” Technique to take cover and avoid being hit.

So, I’m looking forward to getting you guys this quest and being able to explore Elaiya’s back story and experience some new challenges.

With regard to balancing Elaiya, well, she’s gonna get nerfed. Not right away. But eventually her “thing” will be to have medium damage but a higher critical rate, and her signature skill Barrage (and, eventually, Improved Barrage) are going to be about making more attacks to roll the dice on more criticals. Plus, a bit more damage from those extra attacks in a turn.

Meline’s Quest is coming along, but it needed a lot of art (sprites, faces and CGs!) done and is waiting on that.

Anyway, figured you could use an update on where I was on that stuff, I might have to cut Diadira from the April release, but I’m hoping to have these two quests done.

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  1. Glad to see you are still working hard on this especially as it is my favourite h-rpg-maker game.

    And some criticism:
    While i am glad Elaiya is getting nerfed (3k dmg a turn at lvl 10 is silly)
    Chimei needs a change too, I use her all the time as a stun bot, perma-stunning bosses with her ball lightning. Not exactly sure what the stun chances are, i guess about 50%, which is way too much considering both lightning strikes can stun and the stun is active for 3 or 4 rounds. So you should tune that down a bit (or make bosses immune to stuns) and maybe increase her dmg which is rather pitiful if she doesnt get attacked and has to use transfer essence every second round. Another thing that bugged me is the high rate on getting poisoned on the ship.

    1. You get a *boatload* of fosters brand antidote/brew for that same reason so it’s perfectly fine imho, also *boo!* on your proposed stun changes, boo I say!

  2. Hey a silly question if you don’t mind: will the saves from the current version be compatible with the next update?

    On a side note, found out about the game only recently and holy hyper weapon was it an awesome suprise! 🙂

    1. Happy to hear you’re enjoying it!

      There shouldn’t be any compatibility issues with the April release. I try to let people know in advance if such things come up, but I *think* we’re in the clear as far as that goes- at least, I don’t think I need any master table changes or anything.

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