July Release Goals

Haven’t done one of these in awhile.

I’m usually pretty cavalier about planning for Harem Collector. That why so many suggestions from you guys have made it into the game- I didn’t have a plan to stick to, so putting whatever demented ideas I happened to like in the game was easy. But as time winds on and the game gets tighter and more focused, this becomes less and less possible and the more I find myself needing structure.

So, my plan for July is to have the entire first act of the game wrapped up and done. Then, over the next year, I’ll proceed wrap up the game entirely, entering post-production sometime around summer 2015. Post-production will consist of perfecting the balance of the game, tracking down any remaining bugs, that sort of thing. There will be some sort of big thank-you for everyone who’s supported the game, myself and the company, as well as (I hope) a special collector’s edition with a hard copy of the game and some fun extras.

But that’s all waaaay in the future, yes? What about what’s coming up right now, in July?

Well, like I said- act 1 will be complete. That includes the redesign of both the Eastfort Military District and including the as-yet-unseen civilian district. The Southport University and Lumberhill are both also due for redesigns. The towns will be filled in with all sorts of stuff you can explore and invest in. Finally, the event that triggers the start of Act 2 will be available.

I’m also going to work up some random encounters. Not random encounters in the sense of most JRPGs, but more like the sort of thing that would happen in tabletop play. Should be fun.

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  1. I’ve been trying to register on the forums, but no matter how many times I’ve resent the activation email, I haven’t received a single one. I’m certain the address is right, so I figure there could be a problem with the forums; that, or it takes hours to appear.

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