Update on December Progress

It’s been awhile since I went into game progress in detail, so let’s do that here.

I finished the first quest I wanted to have done. There may be some bugs I haven’t found, but it’s top-to-bottom finished, which I am very pleased about. It’s something of a side quest though, so not all that important in the grand scheme of things.

The quest I’m working on right now is part of one of the main storylines, though. And it’s big- the dungeon will be the biggest dungeon to date, consisting of no less than three visually distinct areas and containing four boss fights, plus another half-dozen varieties of normal enemy. And there will a total of four sex scenes that are unlockable as a result of those events. Depending on how things go with the art, they might not all be immediately available.

Finally, from what I’ve heard from the art guys, things are looking pretty solid for the elf village/party character/first elf quest being included in the next update. As always, things can go wrong at the last minute, though- and if they do, I’ll be working on Doll’s love quest instead.

If after that herculean amount of content I still, somehow have time leftover, and I have an idea for a fun event with Therese and a small extension to liven up Elaiya’s love quest. Also, I still have this year’s Christmas Gift for backers to do, and I already have something in mind that should make for a fun hour or so of play. So if you want in on that, make sure you donate by December 25th.

Anyway, that’s it for now. I’m off to keep working away!

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  1. 16, enough? Surely you jest? I was promised 151 girls for my harem! Gotta catch ’em all. Also, let me find my wallet. Damn your compelling backer’s gifts

        1. The two primary volunteers are Kakurine and Gurotaku. Gurotaku is the 3DCG guy, who creates all the CG images used in the game. Kakurine is the scenario writer who has written about 50% of the sex scenes in the game. MagicWhiteLady (aka Chibi) also contributes, doing most of the custom sprites and artwork for the game.
          Daishi and Eight88 wrote Doll’s gangbang and Yamamaya’s first love scene as a team. Boinky has provided the title logo and a couple other sprites, notably the Rusty Sword item icon.
          If you’re a backer, NEkochan writes the Player’s Guide, though she has only just recently started working on it again after her injury.

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