Things were proceeding so well. I was working well, getting things done, everything was great. Then last Wednesday I suddenly came down with the worst cold I’ve had in memory. Then, as happens when you share a bed with someone, Nekochan caught it, so just as I was feeling better I had to take care of her. And I’m still fighting it, as we speak. Even though Nekochan and I have both improved enough to work, we’re also still coughing and sucking down Buckley’s like there’s no tomorrow. If things don’t get 100% better by the end of the week, I’m heading to a doctor.

However, even though I did get really sick, work on the game hasn’t stopped entirely. I managed to get the big huge quest I’ve been working on about 75% complete. Just have to finish up the last few encounters, do the boss fight, then write the closing stuff. Considering that it’s two weeks before testing week, I should have plenty of time for that (knock on wood).

The third quest is going to have to be cut for time. I was already doing that before I got sick, though, so I wouldn’t have to rush. Instead, what I’m going to do with my spare time is add a bunch of little stuff to the game. Investments, encounters, that sort of thing.

The way things are looking, February’s release will see Doll’s Love Quest, elf village (finally, I hope), and time permitting the quest that recruits Kyrie into the harem. For now, just please look forward to next month’s release.

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  1. Goodness, I know just what you mean… Last Wednesday I got my annual flu vaccine from my doctor (the nasal one where they spray it up your nose, since I’m not ashamed to say that I’m literally scared witless of needles, even butterfly needles.) Anyway, two days after I got the nasal flu vaccine I woke up Friday morning with a headache and an awful sore throat. I just got feeling better yesterday so I know what you’re going through (well, sorta since I got sick from the vaccine and you got sick from a horrible cold, but still.) I do hope both you and Nekochan feel better soon. I know how horrible it can be to get sick, especially when you accidentally end up spreading it to other family members. Thanks as always for your hard work and dedication to the game, and again I hope both you and Nekochan get well soon.

    1. I heard the flu shot is really badly targeted this year. Oh well.

      I’m pretty sure we have colds though. It’s following the same pattern (sore throat -> congestion and fever -> cough), though I’m not a doctor, obviously.

      1. I agree. I think the flu shot is more or less a scam. I imagine it helps some people. But the people that do get the shot usually get the same cold I do.

        From my personal observations the flu shot arguably doesn’t do anything.

        My mom is completely against the flu shot and never gets one, shes 70 something now. Both me an my brother clean her stuff, help with chores and prepare her food. We both work in dirty environments and colds are common. In all this time I think she maybe caught 2 bugs from us.

        If you listen to the experts she should be dieing horribly from god knows what. About the only thing she complains about are the typical ache and pains for someone her age.

        I think people really just need to use their head and not get swept away in the panic….

        Eating right and staying healthy are a lot more important if you ask me.

        1. Eating right and staying healthy are absolutely important but so is herd immunity. Getting a vaccination isn’t about you, or even the people you know- it’s about protecting the people who have weakened immune systems due to other health complications, who die in the tens of thousands every year because of “minor” infections like the flu, spread by people whose immune systems are good enough to prevent them from showing symptoms but still carry the virus for a time. My aunt was one such person, who died of the flu contracted while receiving chemotherapy. Maybe if more people took the flu vaccine seriously, she would have survived long enough for me to meet her.

          Sorry, but this is an issue really close to my heart, and the statistics are on my side as well. Check with the CDC or WHO- the flu kills more people every year than die in car accidents, but we treat people who drive drunk or without a seat belt like idiots, and for some reason people who don’t get vaccines get a pass because it’s not about protecting your own person.

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