Potential Delay, Maybe Not

So, it turns out that I have some kind of upper respiratory infection, which is why this alleged cold isn’t going anywhere for at least another week. I have a couple different medications to keep it under control, but the stuff I take to help me sleep turns my mornings into this dazed, muddled mess, and the stuff I take so I can breathe properly makes me lightheaded and gives me the worst case of ADD. Seriously- last night I overcooked dinner because halfway through I remembered that we were almost out of soap in the shower and while I was doing that I suddenly realized I had to take out the garbage. I feel a lot better with the medication than without, but it makes that whole “being a productive human being” thing pretty difficult.

I just about started doing the dishes instead of finishing this blog post- the worst ADD, you have no idea.

The good news is that I probably only have to take the medication for about another week. By then, either I’ll have gotten better or the doctor will be able to make a more accurate diagnosis and give me better-targeted medication.

The upshot of this is that progress on HC has slowed to a crawl. I’m still picking away at it, but at this point I’ll be lucky if I get the current dungeon finished with all four new sex scenes in time for testing next week. I’m prioritizing gameplay, though, so that if I can at least get the dungeon done I can ship to the testing team and finish the sex scenes while addressing bugs.

Worst case scenario, I might have to delay release by a week. Well, okay, that’s not the worst case scenario, I could always get hit by a car or something, but that’s the worst thing I’m planning for.

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  1. Breathing problems sucks. Hope you get better. And instead of worst case, how about best case? Best case you come up with an excellent ‘hero gets sick’ questline, and the Harem girls have to go do a quest without the Hero to keep them in line. The combinations are endless, and the hero’s dialogue choices are muddled, making it unclear what you’re choosing and no clue how the slaves will interpret what he mumbles.

    1. Brilliant! I can already imagine all the funny reactions the heroines will have.

      “It’s not like I made this soup for you to get better or something! You idiot” (whilst blushing)

    2. That would work pretty well with the relationship system where those that hate you would cheer in jail all the way to those that love you would try to ‘heal’ in their own way…

  2. Hope you feel better soon!

    Can I put my med student hat on and ask what the medication is that’s giving you the ADD-symptoms? If it’s what I have in mind, it should be doing the opposite..:)

    Also, in case you wouldn’t mind a bit of help understanding the medical jargon-

    upper resp tract infection (URTI) is an umbrella term for the mostly viral infections of the pharnyx/sinus/etc. A ‘cold’ is an example of a URTI, caused by a variety of virsuses.

    The variety is the kicker, and coupled with how there’s a lot of variation in immune responses person-to-person, why some colds are quick, easy affairs, and others much, much longer. The bad ones can give bad symptoms, and last weeks – 3weeks+. They can also (and are the chief cause) of bronchitis.

    If you’re wondering anything in particular medically I’m happy to try to answer 🙂 Though, of course, the hallmark of an actual person with medical training on the internet is that the only actual medical advice they’ll give is “that’d be great to talk to your doctor/pharmacist about” :p

    1. I don’t know. I’d hate to share what medication I’m on and have you or somebody else point out how full of shit I am.

      Y’know, assuming I’m full of shit and all this is in my head.

  3. Ah well, we learn to wait this long, what’s another week? For all we know you could have a good day during that time period to churn out one of the items that got cut out. Fingers crossed.

  4. I’m of the opinion that as long as We’re being kept some-what updated(long as you aren’t making yourself worse doing it) take as long as you need, and if you feel the need to disappear for a long period ask Ker(guy who makes Harem) for advice 😛 (some of us are still waiting for at least a “I’m not dead” post on his blog…)

    1. Don’t worry about me disappearing, I’ve got a not-insignificant amount of my personal money into this. And I genuinely like talking to you guys, even if I am just complaining and making excuses.

  5. You need to make sure that you’re okay. Recently, I’ve been making events for HHS+ (that forum is how i found your game) and I’m severely limited to what I can create due to a workplace injury that caused carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my dominant hand and a less severe case in my offhand… That said, I tried toughing through it for awhile but my body totally gave up on me. So I’m telling you for sure that your health is the most important here, otherwise you’ll end up like George RR Martin, dying before you finish your work. :p Take care of yourself and good luck on the game!

      1. HHS+ is Hentai High School+ it’s another adult game that I’m a fan of. It’s a grouped developed project as compared to a single creator working on it, so things can get a little complicated, but generally it works out okay.

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