A Few Quick Reminders…

First off, progress update: The dungeon I’m currently working on ended up being quite a bit more complicated than I expected, so it’s taking a touch longer than I thought. Hopefully I’ll have a ribbon on it early next week. As of right now, the enemy behaviours have all been programmed, mapping is done, and the big puzzle of the dungeon is done. All I have to do is add encounters (always time-consuming, but relatively simply), connect the maps (the part that’s being unexpectedly complicated), and then the quest outro and wrap-up (which will be more involved than normal, as well). Yesterday I took the time to add a new shop (which you can also invest in) which sells an item which will probably prove to be a huge boon in this dungeon.  Hmm, I’ll have to add another shop before release now, just to obfuscate which shop it is….

Anyway, just wanted to drop a couple reminders on you folks:

  • If you’re registered for the forum but your account still hasn’t been activated, email me with your username so I can fix this. I evaluate all account activations myself, and occasionally individuals slip through the cracks, so let me know if you’re having trouble.
  • Similarly, if you’re a backer (either from the current Patreon campaign or the previous Paypal one) and haven’t been acknowledged as a backer on the forums yet, please contact me immediately with your forum username and either your Paypal email or Patreon username.
  • Same thing if you’re a backer and missing a credit from the game.

Anyway, thank you very much if you’re supported (or are going to support) through the Patreon campaign. Things are off to a great start- just yesterday we’ve passed $100, and I’m hoping we’re going to hit that first funding goal my the end of the month. Please keep in mind that I’m figuring out how best to do a Patreon as we go, so some of the funding levels and goals are subject to change- but I want you to know that it’s my policy to never take away something you’re already expecting. So, please be patient and remember even if I change things, you’re never going to lose anything unless I’m replacing it with something better.

If you’ve added me as comrade on LoV, sorry but that list filled up hella fast, so don’t wait on me for a response when you could fill that spot on your comrade list with a functioning player.

Anyway, that’s basically it for now. See you next week, and happy fapping!

5 Replies to “A Few Quick Reminders…”

  1. actually i want to support harem collector, but i have 2 problem, i think it’s worth asking..
    1st what is CVC mean in last patron confirmation?
    2nd my card is not in dollar currency, do you have a solution for this problem? my card currency is Rp (Rupiah)
    thx before..

    1. A CVC is a card verification code- it’s a three digit number next to the signature box on the back of a credit card.
      As for how to convert, if you pay through Paypal, Paypal will do all the currency conversions automatically. Your bank might have a similar policy, so you could check with them, or contact Patreon and see if they are compatible with rupiah.
      I hope this works out for you- I’m always happy to hear from fans in exotic places. Well, exotic to me, at least.

        1. I know it’s been a week but I hope you figured this out. You’re probably better off contacting Paypal and Patreon for help with the specifics from here.

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