Backer Topic #1: Recent Influence

How has a game you played recently influenced your dev work on current projects? -Glacier

Because there hasn’t really been a Harem Collector master plan, development has been somewhat unique in that I’ve been able to fit in so much user feedback and follow my own mercurial whim. It’s only very recently that I’m finally nailing down who all the characters are, what the various plot arcs are going to be like, and that sort of thing. However, as this process of the game organically taking shape continues, it means that not a lot of the games I’ve played very recently have had an influence on the project.

Fairy Side is a bit of an exception. Chibi doesn’t do a lot of game design for it- she focuses on plot and dialogue and characters and such- so I actually have a fair bit of freedom when it comes to figuring out the mechanics of the different characters. Very recently Chibi and I were discussing the next two party members that she was going to add to the game, and while she had a very strong idea of how one character would work, the other really didn’t get much more detailed than “cute boy who fights and uses magic too”. The basic idea was that the character would be some kind of spellblade or red mage kind of thing, but she didn’t really know specifically how it would function.

Well, considering that the game already has a tank and a debuffer and Chibi had this really strong idea for a buffer/healer, I knew this character had to be a damage dealer. So, I looked at Dragon Age: Inquisition, and was inspired by the Tempest specialization. So, this character (tentatively called a “tempest swordsman” but that’s not the final name) is an okay vanilla attacker, but is able to enchant himself with various elemental effects to hit for massive damage. Of course, there has to be a reason why you wouldn’t do it all the time, so I cooked up something- when enchanted in this way, the character constantly loses Mana, and when he hits zero he is actually stunned and unusable for several rounds, so you need to pay attention and cancel out before you hit bottom.

As for other projects, Harem Collector 2 is a lot more flexible than HC1 by virtue of being in the concept phase, and I’m letting what I’m playing affect that a lot more. I’ve been playing a lot of Kamidori Alchemy Meister lately and getting influenced by that. For example, I did a write-up and Nekochan did some art for a character that is sort of a mash-up of Kohakuren from that game and one of my favourite pokemon. I also have some ideas inspired by DA:I that I’m going to use for the more management sim side of gameplay.

But actual mainstay HC? Not so much, sorry.

Anyway, sorry for the late post today, I totally just forgot to do a blog post until now. See you next week, and happy fapping.

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  1. I tend to run into a lot of random ideas from other sources, for example I am putting together a HC clone with a “good” alignment.

    Anyway while playing one of those dumb adult flash games (dumb as in low brainpower to play rather than as a criticism for dev values which were pretty reasonable for the genre

    One of the routes possible involves finding a Nun type character which you convince that celibacy is not for her so she runs of with you after tasting your unbelievable prowess 😉 . anyway the concept has stuck and how to make a story line on that base theme is currently whizzing around my head in my own work.

      1. I currently don’t have a lot to show, still working on the core areas and how I want the gameplay to work. Thanks for the offer I will certainly keep it in mind, I hope when the time comes it impresses you like HC has impressed me

  2. Have you given much though to the idea of doing a time skip between HC games? I think that could allow for some interesting character development as Hero globe trots to add more exotic slaves to his harem.

    For instance, you can have the first girl (sorry, terrible with names) falling more and more into her assumed roll as his estate manager (even going so far as to get her self a pair of fake pointed glasses), occasionally calling him up on some magical communication device about how complicated all his new assets are making her job, ect. Furthermore, it would allow for certain characters that he recruits for their skills but that are too young to be full fledged harem members to “grow up”, both literally and figuratively. You can even add a side/love quest for them that involves the Hero going from seeing them as “useful kids” to “usable women”.

    Usually, time skips are a mixed bag amongst fans of any given franchise, but I think there is genuine room for them in HC.

    1. Currently there are time skips of about 2 years planned for each new Harem Collector game. This has been a part of the plan since I decided to break my hugely ambitious initial project down into five very ambitious projects.

  3. Is there an English version for Kamidori Alchemy Meister. I just looked at the page for it and it looks awesome. Are you playing the Japanese version or is there a translation? Not saying your project isn’t cool, I just wanted to try it out.

  4. Because of Kamidori alchemy meister i became a fan of eushully. Now I even import their games.
    If you dont have problems with japanese games try Arterial of Origins 『創刻のアテリアル』
    Awesome CG’s, good fighting system and despite not speaking japanese, the story was interesting. Atleast somehow.

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