Inter Arma Enim Silent Leges

Before getting into this week’s blog topic, I first want to shout out to my new friend and fellow eroge creator BBBen, author of of a number of adult adventure games that are free to download from his site. Now, full disclosure, I was only introduced to BBBen so we could endorse each others’ Patreon campaign, but I wouldn’t be telling you about him if his games weren’t fun. Last night I was up late playing SuperPAC to completion- which I highly recommend, it’s like a 70’s-era sexploitation murder mystery that had sex with a text adventure- but I’m having a blast with his games. The project he’s raising money for is a new game about training a harem of sexy battlemaids, which sounds like everything I want to be a part of.

Now, lately several HC fans have been asking me about the legal system in HC and whether or not the Hero will have a “court scene” like the famous one in Chrono Trigger (with optional sexy lawyers, because of course you want that). After all, the Hero violates the law pretty frequently (and flagrantly), and those of you who read the notes I posted as part of “The Process” last month know that one of the next quests involves him attacking a legit government installation next release. So will the Hero see his day in court?

First of all, you have to understand that such a scene- taking into consideration every crime that the Hero may or may not have committed at the point in his adventures where he gets arrested is a lot of work. It’s the reason why Chrono Trigger does it early in the game- giving the player as little opportunity as possible to add to their potential crimes. Implementing such a thing would be roughly the same has having a second Manor Invasion- a game event I would be forced to update almost every release. I’m not really interested in getting bogged down with another event like that, especially not when I’m closing in on the 50% completion mark. So from a technical standpoint, I don’t think it’s feasible.

Second of all… would such an event even be appropriate? The Middle Kingdom is corrupt as fuck, and money would probably prove to be a more than adequate solution to any sort of legal trouble the Hero finds himself in. It would have to require a pretty powerful individual to be able to throw the Hero away for good.

And we all know that powerful people don’t become powerful because they throw useful things away….

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  1. So blackmail. That would be a pretty varied questline, doing the dirty work for the King. Hero did pretty much come out of nowhere, and does pretty much anything. Who’s to say if he did it because the slavers needed something after he ran out of collars, or if he just heard of a hot girl nearby? Maybe he was just drunk/on shrooms again.

    Or maybe the king told him to burn down hunterville, and make it look like an accident. (And since these ladies were going to vanish anyways, well, waste not.)

  2. Hmm…Kinda expected that. I wonder if using the Middle Kingdom’s corruption to your complete advantage to somehow, probably not considering that while the “Hero” has a pretty decent amount of common sense, he’s still pretty much a bit of an idiot and not interested in the first place , becomes the shadow ruler of the kingdom and the reason he leaves his slaves behind in the sequels is to ensure nothing breaks his rule while searching for more girls to add to make it into the sacred 151.

  3. Ever thought of making a way to pardon the heroes actions.Maybe at the end of some aristocratic quest the hero gets some title that makes him stand above the law or something like that

  4. It would be a petty cool addition or continuity nod to a sequel. For example, the next game could begin with the hero in some foreign jail with an attorney listing off all of the crimes he committed while having visited that county, ending with the classic “Yeah, its been a pretty busy week” punchline.

    1. Replying to myself to say I just finished my first run of SuperPAC, and damn it is good. The clever way items can be used and… ahem…. used was quite entertaining. I went Kyoko my first route, but think I will shoot for the “alpha-bitch” girl next run. She is the sort of character you just love to hate and hate yourself for loving.

      Definitely not a game you can expect a full run of the first play through, since figuring out who to give what item too is a key element in accessing their love route for some of them.

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