May 2015 Public Release

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Changes in this version:
-New full-size quest, “Hall Monitor from Hell” now available at the Southport guild if you’ve completed Scholastic Excellence and received your Journeyman Guild Card.
-Gargan’s first relationship reward quest, “My Little Chimera” is now fully implemented.
-New harem girl and party member, with a new sex scene.
-Random daily quest has been revamped.
-Two bonus scenes can be unlocked via code. Use the code “Rule63” to unlock the sex scene from the April Fool’s version and the code “JuFJrY” to unlocked a special custom Patreon backer scene starring Raina and Gargan.
-In replay scenes the Hero is now referred to as “Master” as opposed to “Ferdinand”.
-Yamamaya is now immune to a bunch of status effects (mostly mind-related ones) while raging.
-Non-magical enemies are now immune to Mana Shock. Constructs, plants, spirits and undead are now immune to Bleed. Spirits and Illusions are now immune to Sticky Acid and Burning Pitch. Sorry Bronwyn.
-On that note, the same goes for the party- Hero, Elaiya, Bronwyn, Raina and Gargan are now immune to Mana Shock in case I every want to make an enemy that has it.
-Meline no longer learns Lightning prayers and Chimei no longer learns Poison evocations.

If you already have the backer release, the new sex scene is now fully implemented, plus several bugs have been fixed.

63 Replies to “May 2015 Public Release”

  1. First thing I noticed is that Kyrie still has a silver star. Do I have to start a new game to fix this?

    Found 12/30 students, next is the clubhouse.

  2. Found a bug: when you hunt the chimera and didn’t bring Gargan, it says you need to bring him with you. But while the music goes on once the dialog is over, the hero character is frozen and cannot move.

    Other than that, thanks for a fix for Kyrie. Now I can use her whenever I want to kick ass. I dropped Yamamaya and Felix from my standard party since Yeon can do what Felix does better, and Kyrie doesn’t have to lose control and can hit a lot more folks with a single holocaust attack then Yamamaya can with berserk.

  3. Could we have a bit more info about the changes in the Random quests? It’s for the wiki, you see…

    Meline no longer learns Lightning prayers and Chimei no longer learns Poison evocations.
    *Sniff, sniff*

    1. His HP aren’t the problem.
      The problem is that he is, quite literally, immune to the “dead” status effect. He can’t die, not even if his HP reach zero.

        1. not true, I killed him on an earlier build, stun locked him with bronwyn/gargan/wikitan using pinning arrow, cape stun, and magic missile. It took forever though

          1. I went at him with a level 99 party doing obscene amounts of damage each round. He has “only” 50000 HP and no healing abilities, I should have taken him down after a while. Still, no effect.

            Either you killing him was the game bugging out, or you killed him before NoMoshing gave him *perfect* invincibility.

  4. As with others, I am confused by the Chimei and Meline nerfs. Chimei is pretty powerful, but flat out removing her best options seems a little extreme.

    And poor Meline? Poor, sweet, innocent Meline? The little dear has so little going for her as a party member as it is; even her ultimate skill is mediocre by the time she finally gets it. Why take one of her only worth while skills away?

    1. Melanie can completely lock down magical enemies using Beckon Mana on single enemies or Heretical Censure on entire groups. Both cause the “Censured” state, which blocks the affected from using Evocations, Rituals, Prayers, and Spells.

      Besides, all this does is remove one element from the equation. She can still use Radiant and Fire attacks.

      1. Yes, but you can’t guarantee a censure landing and replacing her with any other caster (even Felix/Healbot once you get the AoE lighting spell book) means you can reduce an entire group to ash in to round.

        Censure also has no effect against most bosses, leaving her with no option but a single weak heal and a fairly unreliable blinding effect. Lighting was useful because it had the same effects as her mana stealing skill for a single target, but also let her do a little damage at the same time.

        She gets better very late in the game, with her Fire/Light AoE, but its damage is still fairly mediocre and the effects of Fire are almost pointless (I can’t think of more than 2 or 3 enemies that heal in game).

        Basically, by the time you reach a point where enemy casters are a problem, everyone else has powerful enough offensive options that they can either focus them down or AoE their entire group to death. By the time Melaine gets her ultimate skill, it just passes as “okay” for damage and the other effects are hardly noticed due to the ability of ending most fights in 3 rounds max. Heck, most fights can be taken down to 2 rounds if you just swap her out for another damage dealer.

        I understand that she is supposed to be the game’s lockdown expert, but the game’s balance doesn’t really support that playstyle. Frankly, putting Felix in your team not only gives you a more powerful AoE option much earlier (again, thanks to the Lighting AoE spell book), but also provides much more reliable damage mitigation options in the form of his AoE healing skill.

        What Melaine needs is some buffing, not option removal. Maybe her Heretical Censure skill can actually cause a real mana burn, DA:O Templar style, and actually damage enemies while draining mana.

  5. Okay two things I am stumped with, first how do I get rid of my last slave collar, without collaring any of the girls, so I can do the slave quest II, and the little chimera quest, I have no idea where to get the information since the University doesnt seem to have it.

  6. I grab an update every few months rather than “every” update but seriously what happened to the Shift to Run that all these RPGMaker games come with?

    that’s just a quality of life improvement as it’s a slow slog through the game at default walking speed without it.
    why take it away? what does that get you other than making playing your game a pain in the ass for your players?

    1. I tied the run feature to the A, S, and D keys rather than the shift key because I find holding the shift key for long play sessions cramps your hand and some people may also have problem with Windows’ StickyKeys feature. Press A to move slowly, S to move fast (normal RPG Maker run speed), and D to sprint even faster.

      I realize you might be frustrated, but I don’t appreciate your attitude.

      1. I mean, it’s not like this isn’t explained. How does he miss that? And do you get a lot of chaps like Dan below giving you grief? My condolences.

        I’m enjoying the game and having a lot of fun. Thank you! And yes, the game was really a slog before the A, S and D thing but as I recall you implemented it in like the second release way back when.

        1. I get a little bit of hate, but there aren’t that many trolls. I received an absolutely venomous email right around mid-January that managed to push all of my buttons- ever since that, everything else has seemed to be small potatoes in comparison.

          1. Aye, think of it as a sign of finally getting there. Have yourself a beer an celebrate.

  7. Intentiallly dragging out the development of the game to gain profit from Patreon. Again, with all these time the game still haven’t have any new major content let alone finish. You basically breaking the law and violate copyright. People might forgive if you actually complete the game like John (Legend of Queen Opala fake Sweden lady to discourage people suing him in US). I’m too lazy to report you to Patreon and Paypal and e-mail to those who you stole their resources, but someone else will.

    1. You remind me of the guy who accused swegabe of the exact same thing, because she was having a hard time getting shit done with all the construction going on. Real life happens sometimes.

      1. And Sierra Lee, and Cypress Zeta, I think this is all the same guy. He underestimates all of this and clearly was not around in the time the Legend of queen opala was being made.

    2. Violate copyright law by dragging out development????? That makes so little sense that I am stunned by it. If you have a complaint make a legitimate complaint. Don’t make stuff up so that your “argument” has more weight.

      As for your comment about dragging out the development; there is no end date posted, suggested, or even HINTED at in the Patreon page. No promise is made to violate so the complaint you are too lazy to make with Patreon would fall on deaf ears. As for the time YOU are willing to accept, that’s your choice. If you don’t like it then stop pledging money. Right now, you’re just being a troll; and a pretty lousy one at that.

      @NoMoshing regarding Patreon:
      You should consider making it easier to find a link to your Patreon page from your website. I eventually found it but that was after looking though just about everything but the forum. I even tried searching for it in Patreon itself but only thought to search based on the game name and “NoMoshing”.

      Additionally, how about a $5 membership? I don’t care if the member benefits are the same as the $1. I’d like to pledge more than $1 but $10 is more than I can justify with money being pretty darn tight for me for a while.

      1. I’ve been toying with a $5 membership level, but I’m not sure what to make an appropriate reward. It has to be better than $1 but not as good as $10, right? As for the Patreon page being more visible, I don’t exactly want to plaster the website with links like that, especially considering that 1) Project: Starship, Overwhored, and The Last Fucklord have their own funding that entirely divorced from BKG, and I don’t want to cause any confusion with regards to what you’re choosing to fund and 2) I just don’t want to be that guy.

        As for the Patreon search, I think Patreon deliberately delists erotic content from their search. I can’t blame them for that, really, I’m just grateful they allow erotica at all.

        1. OK, so offer the player’s guide and maybe also being added to the testing team. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with getting the same benefits as $1 since the level is so low. However, I suspect that if I was in your shoes on this issue my ethics would be telling me the same thing you’re saying.

          Sure, I understand that you don’t want to hammer people for money. There is a fine line between asking to get paid something if the person feels it’s worth it and feeling like one is begging or strong arming. However, a person who WANTS to give you some $ for your efforts shouldn’t have to spent ten minutes trying to find out where to go either. You have a Patreon because you have decided it’s OK to let us help you financially; don’t hide the way to do it. Additionally, making it hard to find doesn’t just discourage people from contributing; it makes them frustrated with you. Just one link somewhere easy to find would be enough.

        2. You had actually said the same thing to me when I made the same suggestion awhile back. I have given it some thought since then, but never got around to mentioning my followup. This seems like as good a time as any though.

          Why not simply add a Patreon reminder link at the bottom of every update post? People would get to see the kind of progress you make every month before being shown the support option. Basically, people would see how much work you are putting into this every time they see that link.

    3. And you are also too lazy to get a life, so instead you spew inane accusations.

      I’d say “get a life”, but you clearly can’t do that, so I will say “shut up and get out”.

  8. And Sierra Lee, and Cypress Zeta, I think this is all the same guy. He underestimates all of this and clearly was not around in the time the Legend of queen opala was being made.

  9. There appears to be a very minor bug: “Hall Monitor From Hell” doesn’t get removed from the Incomplete List although it has been given in to the guild

  10. Research materials is bugged, or rather the transition into the tower I suppose? The followers menu also causes a crash, I am assuming due to Yeon.

  11. ok seriously whats with this guardian? does it really only have 50,000 health? ive been hammering at it 40+ rounds and dealing around 1500 to 2000 damage a round, never saw it heal, does it regen or something secretly?

    1. now been fighting it about an hour and a half total, done about 1 million damage and it still isn’t dead. Don’t you think this is a little EXCESSIVE, serious, i know its your game and i respect you wanting to put in challenges but what kinda fight should really take more than an hour solid? you can’t even save in battle so your screwed if something happens like comp needs to restart for auto updates.

    2. You should have read the full conversation.

      Yes, it only has 50k health.
      It is *also* immune to death, including death through reaching 0 HP, making its HP entirely irrelevant, since it *can not die*.

      Also, there’s nothing in the dorm. Even if you got past the guardian, the dorm is otherwise empty, and the stairs are just decoration, not leading anywhere. The map is unfinished, since you can’t explore it anyway.

  12. ok suggestion, on these superbosses, can you make an indicator of their remaining health somehow? seeing no change after 50-100 rounds is kinda discouraging.

  13. and now i give up. seriously nomoshang. this is outright ludicrous. I fought almost two hours, did maybe 1.5 mill damage and still couldn’t even tell if it was close to dieing. I will never fight that thing again unless i hear it has been seriously nerfed.

    1. As far as we know, the boss is supposed to be unkillable. So you are supposed to get discouraged by the lack of change and not try to fight it again.

      Maybe in the future it will be killable. Or maybe it will be skippable if you have some item or character. Who knows? But right now, don’t torture yourself.

  14. Does any one have a list of where to find the students from hall monitor from hell found 29/30. can’t seem to find last one now i am stuck in town

    1. Nomoshing i think it would be better to move the guard for the club house to in front of the door and only incite battle after u have talk to the prof since i could enter with out talking to him and a battle would start ?

      Also everyone is saying he is the one i am missing but he wouldn’t fight me and now i am stuck in town :<

  15. Yeah thanks for that except i wrote most of that. The problem i have is the guard seenms to be bugged of the club house i already reported it in the bug form so hope it gets fixed soon:<

  16. First, Thank you for the game. I am always looking forward to playing the new release to see what has changed.
    That being said, I cannot say I am a big fan of the changes for the side quests in your study. The monsters are much tougher, double or triple the hit points, but you don’t get equivalent xp and the drops are not nearly worth the trouble. I understand you wanted to put in the love shop, but I feel the prices for the amount of work are not worth it. In all the have become a grind that is not worth it, and I used to do the quests for money for equipment for my teammates. Please take a look at the side quest or even do a poll. I think you will be surprised at the results.
    thank you for the game and all the effort you put into it. It clearly shows it is a labor of love, (perverted but still love)

  17. In “Hall monitor from hell” you cannot trigger the fight with the guy outside of the clubhouse if it is a rainy day.

    Follower list causes game to crash after Yeon gets to neutral.

    Not a bug per se, but random quests generate a bunch of clockwork slimes on some levels. Those are a bit … excessive.

  18. I was wondering if the guard to the girl’s dorm was unkillable after pounding it for an hour! Good to know that he is in fact not meant to be challenged! Took me awhile to find the 30th student too, didn’t realize there was one in the registration office.

    I do enjoy playing this, it’s a lot of fun! I think my biggest question would be why Mickele has the WORST luck with jobs! There’s 3 that I can tell where he’s in trouble, probably more…

    I did notice a very minor bug, and it’s probably something that’s not a very big deal, but here goes. After you collar Randi and talk to her, when the hero mentions she likes erotic books, the collar isn’t there. The rest of the conversation the collar is on her neck.

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