Day Late But Not A Dollar Short

Sorry for the late post. I completely forgot, distracted by a bit of drama having to do with the move. Protip: If you buy a house, you can save yourself a lot of hassle by not buying a former rental property.

So last weekend Nekochan and I attended an anime convention, and I put my “professional name” on my badge in hopes of seeing if I got recognized by a fan. I was- but I didn’t expect said fan to be a girl I knew from high school who had no idea I am working on an h-game. Weird.

Anyway, I’ve been busy splitting my attention between packing and working on HC. I’m hoping to have two full-sized quests in the next release, now that I have a better idea of the demands on my time this month. The first will be a Kellos Invasion-related quest that you’ll get from Shally. For the second quest, either something related to the Demon Cult or Save the Elves plotlines- probably Demon Cult because I don’t know if I’ll have time for creating and introducing an entirely new character (which the Elves demand). So if anyone has a preference for either “Sacrifices for Algernon” or “Cannibal Corps.” please let me know in the comments!

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  1. I don’t remember which one is, but I would prefer the quest that happens in Westcastle (because it seems that it’s the town with less quests right now).

  2. Any chance of a demon girl slave who you control by finding out her real name? ( that whole mitosis about a demons true name having power over them )

  3. been gone long time not back long now hope things on forum going well BUT what was the girl from high schools reaction to recognizing you? That had to be very interesting…glad game still going strong hope to have time to play again soon (dang lawyer bar exam).

    1. That is actually a good point. I would love to see the next couple of updates focus on Love/Respect quests. I know NoMoshing has a plan for development, but I am really looking forward to love quests being implemented. I get that they would require at least one sex scene a piece, so that there are time constraints, but even if we just get place holder text for now, I don’t think many people would mind so long as the game said “So here’s the deal” before they played, similar to the palette issue in a couple of scenes now.

      1. From what NoMoshing has stated in the forums, some time ago he decided to shift his focus from the Love/Respect quests to the mid term missions. The idea was (if I recall correctly) that the Love quests should be placed in the last part of the game and we are not there yet (for instance the Craft Items are the latest on its tiers and can’t be used right now).

  4. Plus with all the headaches and bugs that keep happening whenever he adds a new party member, I think getting a full roster is in order before more love quests. But I think it’s harder to add a new party member due to art/assets/CGs needing to be worked up, so extending quest chains seems the easiest way to plug some quests in.

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