Minor Delay

Okay, so now it’s time for things you no doubt hate- delaying the next release and me talking about more house stuff.

The next release will be delayed by a week. This has nothing to do with content or the amount of work I have left to do- I’m pretty pleased with everything that’s going in the next release thus far. No, this has to with testing week. You see, for a indeterminate amount of time during testing week, I will be without internet because of the move. Basically, there was a huge delay in getting some renovations done to the new place so Neko and I are forced to move into a construction zone, and it will be highly unpleasant, and even if we get internet set up in a timely manner I might not have somewhere private to work until the 30th or so when the contractors are done. Normally, I would be totally fine working at a coffee shop all day or something, but I also don’t want to get kicked out if I have to do anything with the H-scenes or have to access the BKG website. Especially in my new neighborhood where nobody knows how much of a weirdo pervert I am.

Anyway, because it would pointless to run a testing week where I cannot receive the tester’s feedback and upload new version of the game, I’m pushing back the release by the week. Take comfort in the fact that I am not playing catch-up, and I will endeavor to cram as much new content as possible into that extra week. Sorry for the trouble, and happy fapping!

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  1. At this point, the only people who might complain are the poor testers… having to wait a whole week for more juicy content to test. I weep for them.

  2. Hey Nomoshing,

    Would you please so kind as to say the amount of girls you can get in Harem Collector in the download section for that game?
    It is then easier for people who do not read your blog or those that are waiting for a big update to see when there is a big change. Secondly, it can also act as a progress bar. So then it would now be “24 out of 151”. Handy right?

    Something like:
    “Download game here:

    Download RTP here:

    Download April’s fools version here:

    Current amount of girls to capture at this time:

  3. I have a question about the sister game to Harem Collector (Harem Collector: Fairy Side) and my question is simply this…Is it still available/being updated? I ask here because it`s badkitty page links lead to 404`s

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