Chatty Cathies

Hey there everyone, I hope you all had a good holiday.

I had a pretty awesome one myself. Just before new year I finally finished with sleep study related things, and now I use an APAP machine. It’s not exactly sexy, but I’m now waking up each day feeling like a million bucks. I think my work will definitely improve this year, which is good news for all HC fans!

Anyway, today I’m going to be talking about how I’m improving the “Chat” option for the next release.

The “Chat”s have been pretty lame up until now, mostly giving a single static conversation based on relationship level, if that. But I really want the Chat option to be as characterful and interesting as the banter system, so I’m making a few changes. First off, there are now multiple chat tracks.  The game will randomly select one of three or four topics when you select “Chat”, so there’s a good chance every time you select Chat it will be unique. I will be weighting the different topics differently for each character, which should add a little more personality to the game.

The topic which involves the most work will be the “quest” category. I’m adding some code to the game so that it will remember what the last quest you did was, and what party members you took with you. If a given party member was there, they’ll share some observations or discuss how that quest made them feel. If they weren’t present, they’ll offer an outsider’s perspective. Even non-party characters like Kevin, Alina, the maids, etc, will be able to offer their own comments on your latest exploits!

Because the game will now track this data, I can also work it into the dialogue of NPCs, and various wandering townfolk can discuss current events. This is a lesser priority, though.

An other chat option is news- characters discussing changes in the game world itself that might lead to new lesser quests or reveal new areas to explore. A third topic is gossip- characters discussing their fellows harem girls and other characters close to the Hero. Finally, there will be a miscellaneous category which will let me put in other little tidbits as they come up.

The last big change will be that the “Chat” will check the relationship rewards list the same way that giving gifts will. If you enter a new relationship tier because of a sex scene or whatever else, you can chat instead of needing to give a gift to unlock the next reward.

Anyway, I’m going to get to work on all this, I’ll see you guys next week. Have a great week and happy fapping!

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  1. Will you be willing to release a picture diagram of example of this feature?

    Because Its kind confusing on how this will work. And will you include a journal on the desk for recording of dialogue as well.

    And perhaps you can also include Test that the hero has to go through sort of like what did she say during X quest or after quest. I feel like if you don’t incorporate any thing that makes dynamic Chat to be something to pay attention then we will most likely just to pass it off as it is funny or weird and not much thoughts about it.

    1. Probably not. If it’s of no value to you, that’s fine, but I know to a lot of people the extra effort is worthwhile. I won’t be including any sort of test or dialogue recording journal.

  2. This sounds like an amazing idea. I really love the individuality each of the characters have and the level of interaction already in the game is a lot of fun. Having even more is exciting.

  3. It’s nice to know that you are now in a better shape, for what it’s worth. I don’t have anything like what you have but I do know how terrible it feels to not be able to sleep properly, so it’s great that this is (or at least seems to be) behind you now.

    And the changes you mentioned sound fun.

  4. Love the idea of everyone voicing their opinions on the quests, and also new dialogue options. Think it would be to have rivals within the slave ranks too. Yeah there are those that don’t like each other – really doubted that a paladin and a necromancer would be friendly towards each other! Have two slaves each try to outdo each other, each insisting that the other is trash and that the hero needs to dump her (while the hero eats this up, of course!)

    One question: will you ever be able to fix the day system? Right now the other way to move to a new day is use of the timeturner or certain quests. You can rest in the back of the bakery but it doesn’t move to a new day…

    1. I don’t think it needs “fixing”. During the course of the game, only quests advance time, then in post game you’ll be able to advance time on a whim by going on a drunken bender for a day.

      Or at least, that’s the plan.

  5. I always want to play games that make me form an emotional bond with my companions or at least not make me feel like they’re just one of my tools or something. So I really like this idea and the way this game is going.

    If it’s alright with you. I suggest “on-demand chat” with party members outside mansion like the way we talk with our real life friends along with the banter system and current on-interact chat system. It’s a hard job so I don’t expect it so much.

    I wish you good health and keep making this wonderful game.

  6. Damn!
    I’m really impressed by the amount of work you’re putting in this project, the one lines of chat have always been an annoyance to me.
    Count me.on for the next update!

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