Broken Chair

So, an odd kind of delay this week: my office chair broke. It’s a steel-frame chair that’s older than I am, and one of the welds finally tore on it. It’s still largely intact and mostly stable, but that means the other welds can’t be far behind.
Not a huge deal, though. Nekochan and I will pick up a replacement this weekend. Until then, I’m working from the laptop on the couch. It’s murder on my back, but I’m still getting work done.

I’m focusing on bug fixes right now. Unfortunately, because my my discomfort, I can’t do a lot of cut-and-paste work, so the full chat options for Elaiya and Florine probably won’t be implemented for the backer release later today. Once I can mouse around freely without being in pain, it’ll be priority one, and should be ready for the public release. There should also be the sex menu for Florine as well.

Not an ideal situation, but it’ll be fixed soon enough. Backers- see you later tonight for the backer release!

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