Figma Harem Update!

Note: Sorry for the late post, but yesterday I couldn’t find the camera!

Getting back on the horse has been a little rocky this week. It took me a whole day to catch up on emails and messages! But I think I’ll still be able to meet my own expectations for the next update. The big thing I want is to have the quest I started in June ready for the backer mini-update next week, and that’s more or less on track. I still have to clean up the new generic paladin faces, though- maybe I’ll stream that tomorrow?

Anyway, on the thing that you guys have no doubt been on the edge of your seat for. /sarcasm


There they all are. Yuuki will be along sometime in November, so I suppose I owe it to the collection to pick up an Asuna at some point. It’s not that I hate Asuna, I just thought that up until Mother’s Rosario she had some really bad characterization decay. Fortunately, my local comic shop has a fairy-type Asuna collecting dust on a shelf, so it’s just a matter of heading down there. It’ll have to wait though- now that I have Fire Emblem Conquest all my spending money is going towards buying the relevant amiibo next month.


Here’s the newest member of the harem, Kuroneko from Oreimo, that some of you might have seen from my Twitter. I was so surprised to see she had come down in price on Amazon, the older figmas tend to be at least three digits.


You may recall me talking about Tsuruya from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya a few months back, well, here she is. I kind of feel bad for her- a third of her accessories and options are for facilitating a head swap with one of the Mikuru Figmas so you can have Mikuru in a waitress/maid outfit.


I don’t remember if she was in the last update for not, but here’s Rin from Fate/Stay Night. There’s not a lot I can do with her pose, though. Her, Shinon and Kenshin are in the same boat where they have all action-oriented accessories, so if you want to do cute poses you’re limited in your options.

At this point, I’ve collected most of the Figmas I want from the back uncatalogued. I do want to get the rest of the Suzumiya cast, but they’re all in the three digit range it seems (or at least the ones I want…). Ayase Aragaki, who will round out my Oreimo figma trifecta, will probably stay fairly cheap and maybe I can look at getting her in the new year. She’s a side character, after all. The Lucina reissue should be hitting the secondary market by September, so I might pick one up depending how the FE amiibo situation is. Labyrs from Persona 4: Arena remains as the holy grail… she was a limited release and goes for upwards of $200 on the secondary market.

Thanks for letting me fanwank about all my toys! I hope that if you care about the Figma harem, this was a good update, and if you don’t care, I hope reading through wasn’t too painful for you!

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