After all the problems that have been occurring in the past month or two, this week has been surprisingly smooth. I’ve gotten a lot done, and that’s been reflected in the number of silent streams I’ve been able to do. Monday and Tuesday this week I’ve been playing music and working on in-game achievements, without the mic on, for whoever happens to see my alerts and find the time to join me. The silent streams are much less interactive than the regular devstreams, but it’s pretty chill and nice to chat with some of you guys. If you want to receive word of when I’m streaming, please either follow me on Twitter or on Picarto!

Things are on track for the release, with only the week delay that I announced at the beginning of the month. Like I mentioned above, there are achievements in the game now (though I’m having a bit of trouble with the achievement tracking script, I might have to release with achievements enabled but no way to track them), plus Therese’s love quest, plus the first 2D sex scene from new team member DrawingNeko! It’ll be a pretty exciting release, so please stay tuned.

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  1. The level of the hero and perhaps also the other jumps from 29 to 60, if you go too fast Sarade do not appear, and Yamamaya loses his rage after the love quest is this normal?

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