Unity Force Redux

One week until the Backer release! Exciting, right?

The big change I’m most excited about is the redesign of the Hero’s Unity Force skill. It’s gone through over a almost-complete overhaul, not quite a ground-up redesign but it’s pretty close.

Unity Force is still a buff skill. Now, it provides a +10% bonus to thee six core stats- Attack, Defense, Magic, Resist, Agility and Luck. Additionally, all your harem girls get an additional +10% buffs to two stats that are important to their party role- Elaiya getting a boost to Attack and Agility, for example. The two buffs are additive, adding up to a total +22% bonus. Oh, and there’s no duration- the buff lasts until the end of combat. Pretty great, right? That’s not even the cool part.

Every harem girl also has a special team-up skill that allows them to work with the Hero to unleash their true power. Kyrie, for example, deals Acid damage to the entire enemy party while simultaneously casting Ice Armor on herself and the Hero. Each girl has a unique skill, so feel free to try them all out and see what they do!

That’s all for now! Backers, remember to get the new release next week! And everyone else, please come back in two weeks for the public release!

4 Replies to “Unity Force Redux”

  1. Nice work, glad to see it evolving even further.
    Quick question, do you guys plan on adding, i don’t know, events with the characters, related to seasons or special events? Like Halloween, Christmas and such. I would love to see some, would bring me closer to the characters, i’m sure.

    1. Not as such, due to the lack of in-game calendar. I’m hoping the sequel will have changing seasons and holidays events, though it would be tied to the in-game calendar. For now you’ll have to be satisfied with the Halloween art on the blog!

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