Our Community, Achievements, and walkthroughs!

Hey everyone, Conash here filling in because NoMoshing is very sick with another cold! To start things off I’d like to remind everyone about the fanart contest that’s still open for the next two weeks! So make sure to get those drawings submitted if you want to partake!

Next, I’d like to take a little moment to thank all of you for all that you’ve done to help make this game and everything around it what it is.  Back when I first found HC several years ago I was rather nervous about trying to join the little social group around HC and while it’s had quite a few ups and downs it’s really been a great experience. I’ve had a lot of fun hanging out with you guys, helping you however I can, and now even I’ve got all of you to thank for me having a job as part of the BKG staff! So even to those of you who are rather new here, thank you very much for helping make this community what it is! However we’re not done with trying to grow this community, so we’d appreciate it if you all could give us a brief vote in this month’s monthly poll or spreading the word to some friends you think might be interested in HC about it! It goes a long way to help us grow! The more people who know about HC as we wish the game to reach as many people as who would enjoy it!

Now, onto more coding matters. While it’s been mentioned in brief before, my big project for this upcoming update is reworking the achievement system. As things are, the achievements take a fair amount of time for us to code in, are tied to each specific save file, and there’s no existing menu for you all to see what achievements you have and haven’t unlocked. Well when I’m done with it, the achievement data will be stored both in the ‘Misc_Data’ file and your specific save file as to allow achievements you’ve earned in one save file to transfer to the next, which combined with the new achievement menu that I’m working on will go a long way in making it all the easier to collect them all! I also plan to also make the popup that you get after an achievement to be a bit smoother, having it show up in a corner without interrupting your game-play for a little bit showing you the name of the achievement before going away, allowing you to read up on it in the achievement menu! This new system will also be a lot easier for us to program in future achievements and avoid little issues that most of you might not encounter often if at all. $10 and higher patreon backers may have also noticed that I’ve updated the combat system in the mini-release to be the Yanfly Ace Battle Engine this helps makes things better due to a few different reasons described above, though there may be a few bugs here and there with it for a bit so we ask that you bear with us while we work them out!

Finally, I’m not sure how many of you use the wiki, but currently the walkthroughs on it are a bit…. Out of date. While one user is working on one for how to get the most out of Day 1, people who have been following the updates that have happened recently might have noticed that the ‘Strong Wild Start’ and the ‘Rich Mid Cure’ guides are a bit…. Out of date. I’ve been meaning to put together a new one since now we not only have Daidira but Therese’s love quest which both affect what I believe to be the ‘optimal playthrough’. But with how busy I’ve been lately finding the time to sit down and write out the walkthrough that I’ve got in my head is rather difficult, so I wanted to ask if you guys would be interested in a new ‘guide’ for this game? I already know the suggestions that I’d make but there are other things I’d rather put that time and effort into if most people wouldn’t be too interested.

But yeah, that’s just kinda where I’ve been at in general! Feel free to post any questions, comments, or concerns below and I’ll do my best to field them at least until NoMoshing recovers!

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  1. Well, I’m very interested in a detailed playthrough, that is for sure. From the structure of this game at this stage of development a good start it’s always a priority, so I would appreciate an updated version of your guides.

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