Vacation at Sunnyshore Island!

Hey everyone! Today we’ll be getting version 0.27 out to our testers to help fix up some bugs and all before the upcoming backer release next week and public release following that! I managed to finish up most of the achievement system I mentioned before, but NM is still busy with his end of things so we thought it best that I give you guys a run-down of what he’s been working on!

In this release we’ll be offering you a vacation! This one has been planned for quite some time and it’s looking like it’ll be real good if you ask me! The vacation will take place on the luxurious  island off the coast of the Coastburg area. Here you and any of your fellows (read followers) will get to spend a few days relaxing on the ever sunny beaches found here, with plenty of room for all your guests! Though, I will warn you that the front desk isn’t always efficient with how they distribute the rooms, everyone might always have a place to stay but we can’t guarantee that you won’t have rooms with four people in them while other rooms are given to just one person, this minor oversight has NOTHING to do with the complexities of having dynamic rooms that auto-adjust to always have a similar number of people in them, not one bit.

Now, while you could spend your time on this island relaxing, hanging out with your guests, maybe having some ‘personal’ time with them, you should keep in mind the island has a few different tourist attractions like a real haunted pirate ship or the islands volcano! Do not fret, there is absolutely no danger in these areas as long as you make sure to stick with the group! So don’t go wandering off now, otherwise the local monsters might fight you and drop some delicious experience if you happen to beat them (and maybe get some action from one of the locals)! Who would ever want that? Much better to collect our beautiful seashells all over the island that definitely don’t have any value off of the island! So uh, make sure to return those so that we can keep the local ecosystem filled with excess shells that no one uses! Why there’s so much to do on the island you may not find time for everything, and that’s quite alright as we will ensure that you will always be able to return for as long as you can afford the tickets, remember there’s no better way to spend your time than relaxing with our beaches!

Now, some of our…. less profitable clientele might be worried about the potential loss of money from not managing their businesses while away! We assure you that your businesses will keep running smoothly and you deserve a break, why we’ll even ensure that any money sent to your household is available to you on the island so that you can spend it on relaxing at our appropriately priced gift shop or snack bar! Why some of our more successful customers have even claimed they earned more money while staying here thanks to their businesses managing themselves! So make sure to visit the Southport travel agent and visit us at Sunnyshore Island!

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    1. To an extent, the days during the vacation will not offer the full range of actions, so while on the island you won’t have options to raise characters affections. Though since the day that you leave and return from the vacation will be different days, you might be able to effectively buy one extra day of gifts for every trip to the island.

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