Fan Art Contest, Progress, Etc

Hey everyone, very busy today, so I’ll keep this short. have a lot of work to do before Friday, so I can’t do a big, healthy blog post.

First off, unfortunately, due to the lack of response, I’ve decided to cancel the rest of the fan art contest. A big thank to everyone who had entered, but continuing just wasn’t feasible with the amount of people who entered.

As for progress, I caught the flu from Nekochan last weekend and spent Saturday through Monday having occasional bouts of chills and fever. Now, we’ve been to see a doctor, and apparently all the sickness lately doesn’t have any broader implications- we’ve just been repeatedly unlucky to catch every variation of the cold bouncing around this year and a flu mutation that we weren’t vaccinated against. I mean, it has to happen to someone, I guess. I just wish I had won the lottery instead.

As always, I’m also thinking ahead to the next release. April and May are always busy for me- the trinity of tax season, wedding anniversary, and Iron Waifu- so we’ll probably turn things down a touch for that release cycle. Details will be forthcoming in a couple weeks, when I have a better idea of what’s going on.

Anyway, I have to spend almost every waking hour for the next three days getting shit done, so if you’ll excuse me….

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  1. Since people on the forums complained about their drawing skills not being good enough, perhaps showing what kind of crappy drawings you received (yeah, I’m talking about mine here) would encourage people to send in their own if there’s ever a second contest?

    1. Speaking as one of those that complained, that sounds like a good idea. Knowing what im up against from fellow fans may make me want to try harder.

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