Iron Waifu Grand Tournament 2017!

Hey everyone! We’re nearing the end of April and some of you might remember what that means! As for the rest of you, during the month of May we run a month long tournament on our forums, every day we run a poll between two of the Harem Collector girls going through all of them until we crown the ‘Iron Waifu’ (run by myself this time around). The winner of the tournament will become the focus of an update later this year, which will include their love quest (or equivalent if not applicable).

Feel free to check out the round 1 match ups, the date they’ll happen, and keep up to date with the standings here! Please note that to participate you will need to have an account on the Bad Kitty Games forums, both to vote and to post, so if you don’t have one you might want to look into getting one.

Now, some of you might have noticed a few changes in participants this year, most notably Therese, last years winner, will not be partaking in the main tournament, as the reigning champion she will instead face the winner of this year’s tournament in a one on one match after May! The winner of this year’s tournament will receive the prize regardless of the championship match, but didn’t want you Therese fans to think that we forgot about her!

Hope to see you all there!

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    1. Voting has not yet started, but please feel free to follow the link in the post to find our forums where the tournament will be taking place as well as the current round one matches! You will need an account on our forum in order to vote or comment.

      Hope that helps!

    1. Are you sure that you’re playing the most up to date version? We haven’t received any bugs like that in quite awhile…. None the less, I changed a few things that might have caused a problem like that.

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