One Step Forward, Two Steps to the Right

Okay, so.
Five weeks ago, I wrote in Unfinished Business a brief outline of what we were going to accomplish this update cycle. Some stuff has happened, so we’re switching gears a little. Today I’m explaining why.

While we set off with every intention of doing Blow Job as part of the next update, there was something that we need in order to make it happen- a flag. More specifically, a prayer flag sort of pennant that would have to flap in the wind in different directions. As many of you have predicted, Blow Job is a short bonus dungeon that revolves around a series of wind-based puzzles. The problem of using wind as a puzzle element is that, of course, it’s invisible. So we needed some kind of visual indicator as to what direction the wind is flowing- either an animated overlay with flowing lines that convey the idea of wind, or, in our case, a series of Tibetan-style prayer flags we can flap around to act as windsocks for the player.

Unfortunately, I chose to put off actually commissioning the flag sprite itself until the very end. The reason why eludes me- it was probably just poor planning. Suddenly, I was faced with the prospect of designing a dungeon around an art asset I didn’t have, might not be finished on time, would soak up almost entire remaining art budget for the month and thus also prevent us from delivering on the promise of having all the party-unique status effect icons done.

While I could probably pull it off (Kumiho is rarely late on delivering work, losing the party status icon thing isn’t a huge deal, and the flags aren’t actually a necessary part of the core puzzle itself), the truth is that we’re at no loss for things to put in the game, and I’d rather proceed on Blow Job with 100% preparation than potentially create a problem by going off half-assed. Hell, I have enough problems when I use my whole ass.

So Blow Job is being shelved for the v0.31 update. Instead, we’re working on a replacement quest, something that needed to be done anyway, that we have the art assets on the way, and involves one of the most heavily-requested aspects of the game. So, yes, Nerys will get her love quest sooner than predicted.

That’s all for today. As always, thanks for your continued support, and happy fapping.

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