Pulling Art

As of next update, we’re going to be pulling GusBus’ enemy artwork from the game.
This isn’t an easy decision. It’s always disappointing to spend money on something and then have to remove it, but after experiencing a few Let’s Plays of Harem Collector where people commented negatively on the mixed art styles, I think it’s necessary. Having universal RPG Maker default battlers is better than having a mix.
That’s not to say that GusBus’ designs won’t be back, however. While there are other art priorities right now, when we do get around to do enemy battlers, some of GusBus’ work (especially the slimes and Glitterfang, maybe also the humanoids is it all gels together) will be re-implemented.
That’s basically it for today. Please remember that the next public Devstream is on the 29th, and I hope to see you all there!

2 Replies to “Pulling Art”

  1. IME LPers will say anything to hear the sound of their own voice. Just look at any jrpg in the lparchive where a goon complains about fanservice or anything japanese.

    That said I don’t have a dog in the fight other than to say that the steam punk slimes with gears were cute. Cute enemies can take the edge out of a game that deals with HC’s themes.

    1. While that may be the case, their points are not made invalid by it, and in many ways by watching LPers we can get a more direct sense of feedback as we can look at how people behave, see how they respond to things, see what’s effective and what’s a problem for more things than just waiting for people to give feedback. It was decided in this case that the artwork difference, especially in the first dungeon, was rather jarring so working to make the artwork more consistent was seen as the best solution.

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