Harem Collector v0.33 Public Release

Please feel free to get it at the usual place.

Changes in this version:
-A new early game quest, “Fairyest of Them All”, and a new repeatable adventure area, the abandoned town of Innsbrook.
-A new harem girl, Natya, the Westcastle item shop employee!
-Improvements and a lot of generic furnitures have been added to the furniture system, making it more accessible than ever.\
-A ton of “chat” dialogue has been added for Yeon.
-Various bug fixes and such have been added.

If you’ve been using the backer version of 0.33 (ie, v0.33.2 or earlier), we’ve temporarily dummied out the fucntion of the rug shop and rug items- you may receive a full refund for any purchased rugs by accessing the furniture placement interface.

18 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.33 Public Release”

    1. The quest is fully complete and based on other people’s reports there doesn’t seem to be any remaining bugs in the quest. Are there any further details that you can share that might help?

      1. I have the same problem on version 32.4 and already reported it on that release post some time ago. Now on .33.3, it’s still the same.
        Basically, while investigating the tin dog tavern, I can’t find anything.
        I get the gambling convo, gargan stating that the passed out drunk doesn’t know anything and Raina mentioning that the beds stink, but thats it. When trying to talk to the barkeep, I still get the usual convo where the MC asks for either a brew, sex or nothing (which in itsself should be a bug – btw, talking to the people in the gambling hall in the upper right corner of the slums also causes convos where the MC participates).

  1. I’ve been trying to get nerys’ random scene take a walk for a long time. When ever I advance a day I don’t get any scene at all. I’ve gotten every other random scene except for nerys’. Does anyone have a replay file with that scene in it?

    1. Why don’t you just change it yourself? replay.rvdata2 is nothing but a text file with everything after the first six characters being the scenes. You can edit it with any text editor. 0 means not seen, T means seen, so if you replace every zero with a T, you’ll be able to access all scenes through the replay menu.

  2. Haven’t played for a good few versions so am rather lost when it comes to the new manor, managed to eventually find the plaster shop to get repairs done but I still have broken pillars in the hero’s room in the manor.

    Is there a way to fix those that I haven’t found yet or are they just meant to be forever broken?

    Am quite liking how the game looks with all the updates though, especially the new manor layout.

    1. There are three repair guys you need to hire now- a plastered, a stonemason and a carpenter. They (like the maids) take a few days to get all their work done.
      But I’m glad to hear that you’re enjoying the changes so far!

      1. Where are the mason and carpenter? I feel like I’ve been all over North, South, East and West but only found the Plaster shop.

  3. I fear I may have found a bug, just got to Manor Invasion (after holding out until I could get every girl who can show up in the quest) but now my save file (done right after Doll’s first scene, before the invasion started) will not load, just sits on a black screen.

    1. Thunderclan, I ran into that bug to; you’re going to have to use your last auto-save to try to fix your situation =\ I had to do the same thing

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