Patreon, Schmatreon

So I *was* planning on writing about the mind control poll, what changes are going to be implemented, and go over the new art/sex scene schedule, but recently Patreon has chosen to place the Bad Kitty Games patreon page under review. The reason: the censored preview images on the front page.

I’m a little exasperated at the moment. I don’t mind playing by the rules to get the funding we need to make Harem Collector all that it can be, but I am not pleased by this “takedown first, review later” way of managing policy. Further, at this point, the porno mag section at my local convenience store is racier than the Patreon page for a adult game that already has an 18+ wrapper over it….

Blah, regardless, I have every confidence that use of our Patreon page will be restored soon, what is beginning to get questionable to me is how useful the page will be for selling the game to new patrons.

At this point, I’m ready for any alternative that doesn’t involve handing your money to nazis, which is the only alternative right now.

Regardless, we should be back up soon, and look forward to more awesome HC content soon!

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  1. o0PointZero0o here, I have been watching this crap with patreon and there censorship go on for almost a year now and it was just your turn. But I am sure you knew that as well that it was coming but if you decide to go some where else no worries most if not all of your current supports will be following right behind you. I personally am sick of there censorship crap and look forward to a site that doesn’t police creators in this way. Chin up my friend and keep up the good work and the good fight!

    1. I also would like to add as of today I will no longer be supporting any games on Patreon they have added some extra bullshit security that has rendered my account unaccessible. So anyway so enjoy this months donation because it will be the last unless you switch to a different service because PATRON SUCKS ASS! and I’m done dealing with them. Good luck on completing your game!


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