HC – MC = ?

So, last month supporters of the Bad Kitty Games Patreon voted overwhelmingly to have the “collar right away and reduce them to mindless drones” option removed for Therese, Larelle and Yeon in Harem Collector. We’re going to be removing the option, maybe before the backer release of v0.35, maybe the following release.

As of today, there’s a new poll available for Patrons concerning what to do with the free time in our h-scene schedule. We don’t have a ton of extra time, after allowing for the delay, but I’d like to hear what patrons would be most interested in seeing, if you don’t mind!

Other than that, I’m pretty pleased with how the backer mini-release came together at the end, all things considered. Hopefully we can keep the momentum going for the lest of the update cycle.

That all I think to address for now, so see you next week!

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  1. I vote to keep them but I can see why they didn’t become popular. Only Larelle had a sex scene related to the capture, and there’s no story for them after it. If this had been fleshed out more, I’m sure folks will want to keep it in.

    P.S.: At least keep the ones that are already written as bonus scenes. Larelle’s mind control sex scene was pretty hot.

  2. Good decision, as I don’t actually never heard of someone chosing that option (except to look whether there is a different H-scene).
    It’s pretty pointless to remove characterisation from a game like this that excels in that departement.

    If it frees up time for something else, there are really no downsides to this decision.

  3. I’m honestly kind of stoked to see it go. It was an option that I would never, ever use for any reason, and it was eating up development time that could be spent on more interesting things. And apparently, a lot of people agree with me on that.

    Seriously, though, the whole ‘death of personality’ type mindless slave dealie is weird and creepy, and it instantly kills my ladyboner any time it pops up in porn.

  4. As much as I enjoy a good MC game, forcing the collar wasn’t fun. I did it a couple of times and lost interest in the characters. They’re much more fun with their sassy personalities than as automatons.

    I agree with tsukino_kage though. Keep what’s already written as bonus scenes for those who are really interested.

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