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Hello everyone! Right now we’re working on finishing up the tester’s release, so I thought that since I’ve been rather productive the past few days I’d share some information on what I’ve been working on these past few days while NoMoshing is working on finishing up the various events that he’s got to work on.

So first up, let’s talk about Orange Kid’s love quest, or more specifically the reward from it. The original idea was to have the main thing be Hero becoming immune to any effects that had a chance of causing death like from headshot, however the problem with that is that while those moves can pose a problem they’re pretty infrequent and making them common or having high chances just leads to annoying gameplay for people who don’t have that effect on at least half your party (at least if you don’t have some sort of auto-revive ability in the game). We’re still going to keep in that effect though because it’s not bad, but we’re going to expand it some, just yesterday I finished testing out and getting ready a new little feature that will allow Hero to once per battle survive an otherwise lethal attack with 1 HP. This will still trigger even if Hero is already at 1 HP, as while I understand why other games with similar systems don’t trigger it then, since this ability is limited to only once per battle I felt that in the unlikely situation that players naturally fell to 1 HP they should still get to trigger this. Now, this won’t always save you as if the story calls for an instant loss (meaning the enemy isn’t trying to kill Hero) or if they have some other way to remove him from the fight besides death (like in the Yamamaya fight) this ability will not trigger against those attacks/effects directly.

Next I also put together a little splash screen set to display the new logo that we’ve got everytime you start up the game, there’s a few little odds and ends about it that may need some tweeking but the core part of it is working. Beyond that, I got the enemies for OK’s love quest done pretty quickly and even got a brand new superboss put together very quickly. It’s still missing a bit of window dressing, but I’m very happy with how it plays out, especially the part where several of it’s stats will change to match some of your stats meaning that even if you come in at level 99 you’ll have to understand the trick if you want to win… Hey it’s a superboss, I’m allowed to pull out that sort of stuff.

And yeah, that’s really it. I do also have plans to fix a lot of the bugs that have been hanging out for awhile, setting up the Southport manor for furniture and rugs, and maybe hopefully getting in that update to the furniture system I talked about in my last post, but most of the stuff mentioned above took priority. Still, I’ve been getting a lot of things done easier since finishing up a project I had been working on for awhile, and now it just feels great to not be busy being busy.

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  1. hey man, im studing literature (im from a spanish country, but i think i can work good on english) i really love the harem collector world and i would like to do some quest storys if you left me. just write me back if you like the idea.

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