Iron Waifu Finally Crowned!

Only one week left until Larelle’s love quest becomes available to Squire-level ($5+) backers and higher, and so far this is shaping up to be our best mini-release yet. A fully completed quest, new sex scene for Larelle, lots of new chat dialogue, and Orange Kid’s fully implemented sex on demand menu. It’s going to be a real Halloween treat! Hahahaha… ha.

Seriously, though, it’s looking really good, and I think the new aggressive streaming schedule was great for keeping me focused and on-task. The new puzzles I think are going to be very fun inclusions, and the ending of the quest ties up Larelle’s character arc nicely. Plus, it takes the Hero and his companions back to the Mourning Wood for a revisit, which is awesome because I will never ever get tired of that dungeon name.

On top of that, all the Halloween pics are finished a week early. Nekochan did a great job this year getting them together, and I’m looking forward to sharing them with everyone.

What is this feeling coming over me… is it… a general lack of anxiety at the end of a month? Strange, I’ll have to explore this new sensation by playing Valkyria Chronicles 4 all evening and being refreshed tomorrow for doing more bonus content for the new release.


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  1. It’s good to hear that you have so much fun with the work on Larelle and Clementine!

    Will be interesting to see if my prediction for Larelle’s sex scene will come true!

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