Onward, into the FUUUUTUUUUURE!

So, what’s on the docket for the next few months of Harem Collector development?

First of all, The h-scene situation: We’re going to be working on Larelle’s sex scene art until the end of January, take a brief break from haremettes to get some art in for “A Private Drink”, then we’re moving on to the original Iron Waifu, Therese.

Therese’s artwork is going to take us up to July, at which point I’d like to get in a new harem girl. It’s likely that the new girl will be either the Southport or Elf Village shopgirl, though if we’ve advanced far enough in the plot by then, there’s also the possibility of it being the Demon Cult or Save the Elves questline reward girl. I’m unwilling to make a determination as of yet.

Now, on the quest content. By the end of the month, the Harem Drama story arc will be almost finished. There are two more quests leading from it, but they are both largely optional. The central mystery as to what is going on will be solved by the end of the sixth quest, though there are going to be two quests spun off from that dealing with the consequences. When will we get around to doing those quests? I don’t know, but after this we’re probably going to focus on some of the other questlines.

In terms of love quests, we’re not going to see another one for a very long- probably not until Iron Waifu 2019 is getting her reward update. We’re not going to have room in the art budget for another girl until August, although we are aiming to have the Iron Waifu reward out in the September update next year, not the November update.

For other stuff: There’s going to be a Larelle wallpaper out a little earlier than usual, as a bit of a Christmas present to all our backers. Also, Nekochan is going to start picking away at concept art for our next project soon, and some of that might become available also as a bit of Christmas present for backers… exciting, right?

So, pay close attention to the v0.37 update- it’s going to be big. Multiple sex scenes, three quests, a bonus boss, and much more! That’s going out to $2+ backers on the 28th and will be available for the public mid-December. I really think you’ll enjoy it, so get excited!

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