Harem Collector v0.37 Public Release

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Changes in this version:
-Larelle’s love quest is fully complete and functional, with sex scene and everything!
-Florine has a new quest for you starting in the Northmarket Manor front hall!
-Larelle’s beach vacation sex scene has new art and has been rewritten!
-This is new sex scene art for Larelle’s capture at the end of “Night of the Raping Dead”!
-It is now possible to swap between different sprites for characters with different outfits by examining the appropriate dresser in their bedrooms!
-A new praising event has been added to the game!
-A new revisitable dungeon has been added!
-There are a total of four new text-only sex scenes, including a replacement for Eulania’s placeholder!
-Orange Kid’s sex a la carte menu is now fully implemented!
-Weather effects have been optimized!

20 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.37 Public Release”

  1. Is the staircase in Green Tower supposed to be blocked off by rubble? Was guessing that was the location of Florine’s new quest but not sure now since I can’t do anything else now that the monsters are gone.

  2. I got the quest from Florine but after that i’m loss,
    like after gotten the quest i wen’t to the mossy
    tower and pressing z on everything.
    and nothing happen

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