Harem Collector v0.42.5- The ROYAL Update!

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Changes in this version include:

-Two new quests! Finally, you have the opportunity to take back Eastfort, and get your cute princess reward! Quest chain starts by speaking to the Dark Wanderer in your Eastfort home.
-A new investment opportunity not far from Lumberhill! Now you can become a casino owner so you too can take advantage of the gambler’s fallacy for profit.
-Area of Effect attacks now scale in both damage and secondary effect chance based on the number of targets.
-Gargan’s skills have been revamped.
-The price of vacations has been adjusted.
-New sprites exist for Queen Melfi Regal and Princess Quinta Regal.
-Sex scene with Queen Melfi fully implemented
-Several bugs solved
-We’ve converted all the .pngs to .jpgs now please could those of you with slow internet please remove the needles from those NoMoshing-shaped dolls you have? Thank you…

11 Replies to “Harem Collector v0.42.5- The ROYAL Update!”

  1. Found a typo. At the beginning of the Eastfort Quest, Randi says “There door is barricaded”, which should probalby be “The door is barricaded”.
    Also, how do you help the Kellosian deserter? I would’ve thought that it’s either about warning him of the attack or telling one of the women in Eastfort to shelter him, but neither seems to do anything.

  2. Attempting to free the soldiers in the castle crashes the game completely (BGM stops playing, screen freezes, then the program crashes after ~10s) immediately after the MC says something like “Hmm, could I free the soldiers bottled up here”.

    1. You may want to try downloading the exe file and installing again, what looks to be the issue is that your installed version of the game is probably missing the ‘face evil’ background music. This music has been included in the game files since early on in development so I can only imagine that you had either a bad download or bad install.

      1. I think I’ve found the problem. I probably should have mentioned that I’m on Linux (with WINE), but since several other RPGmaker games run without issue I didn’t think of that.

        Anyways, the “Face Evil” BGM is in the BGM folder on both my original (updated) install and a new full install I just did, but it can’t be loaded due to the way Linux (or any Unix-type OS) handles spaces in file names as separators, meaning that it’ll try to load “Face” and “Evil.mp3” as separate files.
        The same problem should exist for several other BGMs.
        BTW, if you’ve ever wondered why most programmers will use .,- or _ instead of spaces, those are ways to avoid this issue.

        Any chance you could rename the files, perhaps on the next update? Otherwise, the game will only be playable on Windows.

        1. Ah, thanks for letting us know! I’ll have to look into some things but I think that we might be able to do that. Honestly the biggest issue is potentially going to be some of the base RPG Maker files as if any of the audio files (or even images) there run into the same problem then we may not be able to fix it as those aren’t files that we’re given a lot of control over, still if it ends up just being the files that we’ve added externally then I’ve got a few tricks that I can use to fix that! Thanks for the detailed report!

          1. It seems that I was wrong.

            Since I had some free time, I went through the whole debugging / tracing process and it turns out that the problem isn’t the game not finding the file. The known bug where wine doesn’t treat spaces correctly in some cases doesn’t seem to apply here after all.

            The actual cause of the problem was a “missing” (installed as part of the OS, but for some reason not recognized by WINE) mp3 decoder.

            renaming a random .ogg file into “Face Evil.ogg” and placing it into the BGM folder fixed the crash and played that file instead.

            Sorry if I made you waste your time renaming files.

          2. Haha, thanks for the follow up, though in truth I hadn’t gotten to doing all of that yet, I usually get distracted by a variety of things, I just had it as a high priority on my next bug purging day, which hadn’t come up yet. Thanks for the update!

  3. I discovered this one in 0.42.5 so you may have already fixed it, but in Go For the Throat, as soon as I got to the enemy camp, I returned to the trenches, and I showed up on the trench screen past the screen transition trigger. I was able to run around on the plateau above the trenches. (I couldn’t find a way to actually break the game, and I was still able to get back to the Kellosian camp and finish the quest, but it seems like unintended behavior.)

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