Website Done, What Next?

Ah, so the website is finally finished and out there, and the old website safely packed away where it can do longer hurt anyone. And, as a bonus, there were no problems or bugs in how the site was put together- well, I suppose I should say, at least none that came back to me. I hope this new site will last us for many years.

Redesigning the website has been a major time sink for me in the last month and a half. While standalone WordPress is pretty easy to use, there was terminology to learn, visual deisgn to mull over, plugins to negotiate into cooperating. The last time I put together my own website, it was on Angelfire of all fucking things, so there was quite a bit to learn for myself, and I am also old enough that a lot of software isn’t intuitive for me anymore.

So, now that the new website isn’t taking up so much of my time, what’s next?

A high priority right now is working more on ILTSDK!! There is lots of writing to do, characters to make, mechanics to plan. While Harem Collector is the focus of my attention, I want to make good progress on ILTSDK so that when it comes time for primary production, the team and I can put in our full effort and work efficiently. The way that Harem Collector has gone, with me making things up as I go, hasn’t been the best and I’d like to do better.

The other thing I want to do is investigate how best to market Harem Collector and offer great incentives for existing backers to switch to higher tiers, without increasing the prices for the tiers that currently exist. I want to be able to afford a good composer to make more proprietary music for the game, I want to be able to get an animator for doing new battle animations and make all the special skills and spells really pop. I also want more and faster sex scene art. And, well, if I’m being honest, I’ve been feeling the pinch more and more at home and making a little more money for myself would be nice.

To that end, I’m going to be doing some more formal polls a bit later this month, but please let me know your own thoughts in the comments. If you’re a backer, let me know what sort of rewards you would find valuable, and don’t be afraid to show me ideas from other projects you support. If you’re not a backer, let me know what I could offer that might stoke your interest. Or just tell me that I’m a sell out or saint, or whatever else, I suppose.

Next week is the public release of v0.39, so please look forward to it!

Artist Situation

Jeez, we’re just full of situations lately.

So I’ve been keeping it pretty low key, for various reasons, but just to let you all know, once the last few Larelle and Shally pics are done, SacB0y will no longer be contributing art to Harem Collector. He had encountered time management problems, which those of you who have been paying close attention probably picked up on, and has chosen to focus on his work for Outbreak Games and the occasional contractor

However, I’ve already been in talks with several artists. Next month we should be able to recover from the jumble and carry on with the Therese artwork without falling much further behind. For now, I am continuing to work with Hilent, the artist who did the Miri pics and face set that some of your have already seen in the backer mini-release.

I’m sorry for not being more transparent about this, but I didn’t want to say anything while SacB0y was still finishing up the last of his piecework. But with the public release just around the corner, it didn’t feel right to continue leaving Hilent off the credits list, and I didn’t want to go changing the credits list without some explanation as to why for our awesome supporters. It is by no means a dire situation.

As for the backer release! We’re looking good for it coming out by midnight, or just a shade after. Unfortunately, I was very depressed yesterday, and lost a lot of time as a result, and we’re paying for it now. I do feel as though this is a pretty strong update, though, so please look forward to it!

Forum Situation

So, the forum is still down. We’re getting pretty close to being finished on that end, and if the new, revamped forum with spinners and undercar lights is not up later tonight it will be before the end of the week. Getting the style and visual design of the forum might take a bit, but we’ll have all the functionality there- the progress trackers, wallpapers, short stories and everything will be ported over.

The reason why we’ve put all this fuss into a new forum is because we want a long-form space where the Bad Kitty Games can discuss the games and everything that we love in detail. Discord is great, but it’s ultimately a chat room, and all things there are transient. Patreon is a great way for me to communicate with you about discussions I lead, but it’s not ideal for back-and-forth dialogue.

But that said, especially with the advent of our Discord channel, the old forum ended up underutilized. We used it for weekly discussions, Iron Waifu and collecting bug reports, and that was basically it. Ultimately, this is a place for you, the fans and supporters of Harem Collector and Bad Kitty Games, to come together, discuss things, play, share and communicate. So we’d like input from you for determining what things we can use the new forum for.

If there are any features, events, discussions, bots, anything at all you’d like us to use in the new forum, please let us know here in the comments!

Despite all of this, we’re still looking on track for the backer release next week, so get hyped to meet your newest harem girl and go on even more awesome adventures with your favourite harem slaves!

So, General Update

Wow, what a month. I’m not going to lie, a lot of crap went down in my person life so far this past month. Yet, with the help of the team and a little bit of hard work and focus, not only did the public release go down alright, we’re making great progress on the next update.

One quest is already largely in the can (saying that now in case I’ve forgotten something), a new harem girl is on the way, and I have a good start on Violet and Lilac’s chat menus. Not entirely sure yet what specifically we’re going to be working on for the next four weeks, but we’ve tossed around a few ideas, including adding some random scenes as text-only and a few other things.

I am behind on the website redesign, which I am not happy about, but I do not regret prioritizing game development over that. Web design is something I’m sort of learning as I go (the current version of the website was designed by a previous staff member), so please excuse the final product if it looks very derivative of a template. I’m still hoping to have it ready for spring though.

Sorry that this is not much of an update, I just wanted to give a general idea of where Harem Collector is at for the next update. Please return next week as we’ll be doing the second monthly I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!! update. Until then, please continue enjoying the new content!

Hello, 2019!

So it’s the start of a new year, and everyone is hopeful and making resolutions, setting goals for themselves to achieve before 2020. Here at Bad Kitty Games, we’re also looking at 2019 with excitement, because there are a number of big changes coming our way.

First of all, Harem Collector.

Looking back, 2018 was a big year for Harem Collector. We completed ten new quests, which account for more than 20% of the quests currently in the game. We added two new harem girls, the fallen noble Natya and the clockwork robot Pandora. We also added a whopping sixty-seven new 2D CG images, including all the solo scenes for Yamamaya and Orange Kid. That might seem a little slow, but keep in mind that includes doing a bunch of minor sex scene images and the introduction scenes for Natya and Pandora.

We’re going to continue to push on new quests, and have solid plans to end the Demon Cult arc by summer. Our hope is also to end another arc (probably Kellos Invasion, for various reasons) by the end of the year, but obviously we have to remain flexible and might have to adapt as we go. We’d also like to get 3-4 new harem girls added to the harem before the end of the year- the last two shopgirls, and the reward girls for finishing Demon Cult and whatever other questline.

We will continue barrelling along with the new 2D CG, and, in addition to Larelle (who is currently in progress) and Therese (who is coming up), we will be doing a full set of CGs for the next Iron Waifu contestant and another character or two by years’ end.

We’ve also finally formally announced our next project, I Live To Serve, Dungeon King!!

That is currently in pre-production. Nekochan will be doing character designs, NoMoshing and Conash will be getting the engine and mechanics figured out, and plans will be put in place for a more efficient and organized development.

We will be doing updates every month, starting next week, with updates on the development of ILTSDK. So, if you’re kind of confused right now about what ILTSDK, we’ll be discussing the project in much more detail next Wednesday.

So, all in all, we’re feeling really good about the upcoming year and challenges, and we hope to continue to deliver awesome hentai goodness to you in 2019 and beyond! Have a great new year!

Stressful Day

Oh boy, what a day. I don’t want to go into things just yet- this might end up becoming an opportunity for us down the road but for now I’m just kind of tired. So, let’s have a nice, goofy, chill update where we just relax with some cat pics, hmm?

Be warned, the story will get a little gross at points, so I wouldn’t read this while you’re eating.

This is D’artagnan, also known as D’arcy, the “bad kitty” who gives Bad Kitty Games it’s name. Many moons ago, her mother, Gizmo, turned up, lost and very pregnant, in my back yard. She was very obviously not a feral cat, so my mom and I started taking care of her, feeding her first tinned tuna and then some dry cat food that our neighbor donated.

We put up signs around the neighborhood, trying to reach her owner, but for two weeks we didn’t hear from anyone. Gizmo eventually gave birth underneath my mom’s back deck. But, unfortunately, the afterbirth got tangled up in Gizmo’s tail fur, and she started to freak out and panic. She crawled out from under the deck, three of her kitten dragging behind her, and hid under a wheelbarrow.

So while we were busy freaking out over the tangled up kittens, my mom realized she could still hear mewling from beneath the deck. I ran to the garage, grabbed a crowbar, and started levering up the planks, until I found a small grey and white kitten that had been abandoned.

We couldn’t get the other kittens free from the tangled, gross mess of Gizmo’s tail, so eventually we decided to bring the whole family to an emergency vet clinic two towns over. They took care of everything- including providing us with some new kitten stuff and giving Gizmo an immune system booster that the kittens would get in their milk. Thankfully, once the tail situation had been resolved, Gizmo took back all her kittens.

Because my brother was deathly allergic to cats- as in, he could go into anaphylactic shock and die- Gizmo and co. had to live out in the back shed. That night, I was so concerned about a raccoon or fox getting into the shed and making off with the kittens, I got hardly any sleep, but fortunately my stress proved unfounded. They lived through the night, and the next afternoon I received a call from Gizmo’s owner.

She asked if I found her cat. I told her she had the numbers wrong, and she had multiple cats. That came as a bit of surprise to her.

Nekochan decided to adopt one of the kittens (we were just dating at the time), and we knew that we had to get the grey kitten I saved from under the deck. When it came to the name, we decided that the three kittens that were stuck to Gizmo were the three musketeers, and so, the fourth one had to be D’Artagnan.

I then didn’t see D’arcy for most of the next year as Nekochan took her home and Nekochan’s dad didn’t like me very much. So I missed most of the cute, tiny kitten stage, and she was mostly fully grown by the time we met again.

As you may have gathered from these images, D’arcy’s hobbies include sitting on and inside a wide variety of objects, including gaming books, cell phones, paint brushes, dirty laundry, clean laundry, remote controls, game controllers, and board games in progress. She is also so fluffy that she is perfectly capable of completely engulfing objects smaller than she is.

She’s pretty smart for a cat. She used to enjoy playing with laser pointers, until one day she looked up at me and went for my hand. Ever since, she couldn’t give less of a shit about laser pointer dots- she knows my tricks.

She also takes a long time to trust new people. She loves Nekochan to bits, but it took her a couple years to accept me and she’s only just started really warming up to the RPG group we’ve been inviting over for the last six years. So yeah, a little bit of a bitch.

She also sheds everywhere, destroys everything we hold dear, and isn’t afraid to express her displeasure by drawing blood. She is not a sweet cuddly cat, and if you try to treat her that way, she will fuck you up.

The furniture she’s destroyed includes: two bed frames, a coffee table, two desks, one kitchen table, multiple door frames, and two easy chairs. She’s also puked on my Legend of the Five Rings 4th edition core book, for which I will never forgive her.

So that’s our mascot. She’s mellowed a little in her old age but is still perfectly capable of wrecking you if you fuck with her. Hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane with me!

Orange Kid, Pandora, Motivation

Aw, man, I’ve felt such a writer’s block over the last few days. Well, here goes.

Orange Kid’s solo stuff is coming along, with her Love Quest happening this month. Still at the concept stage at this point, but we should have it done for the backer mini-release, even if the art/sex scene comes a little bit later. Also on deck for this month is the Orange Kid wallpaper… which also means that Alina’s wallpaper if going to become publicly available! So, look forward to that!

The following month will be the intro scene for Pandora, so unlocking the Southport manor and getting everything placed within it will be a significant chunk of content for the next release, though it’s a secondary priority to Orange Kid’s LQ.

Following that… We’re going to try to move into the next leg of the “Harem Drama” plotline, and it should be a doozy. Both in terms of work and in entertainment value.

I’ve felt really motivated lately to get work done on HC, and ironically enough it came in the form of someone being critical of the game. Someone somewhere said, “this game is dead, don’t fund it, it’s a failure”, and I was able to successfully transmute the resulting outrage into energy that I poured into Harem Collector. This isn’t an invitation for additional abuse, by the way- I’m more just commenting on the funny way things work sometimes.

By the way, thank you very much to all our supporters on Patreon. July 2018 was our strongest month ever, and because of that I can get an additional image done this month and can serious look at doing seven images a month permanently. Your continued support and patronage is very appreciated, and I hope you’ll continue enjoying the benefits as we go forward!

Did Not Expect That To Happen…

In case you’re also a follower of the Patreon page as well as a follower of the devblog, note that today the same information from this post was posted on the Patreon feed, so you really only need to read one.

Yesterday, a voice from Harem Collector’s past actually got in touch with me- Clara Middleton, formerly credited as PeaSea, who made most of the unique music tracks in HC, basically all the tracks you can collect on CD.

She didn’t come with her hat out or anything like that, but rather to make amends and explain why she worked so sporadically and then vanished way back when.

Turns out, back when Clara was operating as PeaSea, Clara was a man. And not just a man, but a married man. Whatever you may think about transgendered people or PeaSea specifically, I’m sure you’d agree that going through such a fundamental change in your life and then finding out that your wife isn’t suddenly going to be gay for you and then having what I’m sure was a spectacularly messy divorce isn’t exactly great for getting your largely self-motivated contract work done. For the simple reason that Clara doesn’t actually know me, was going through an obviously stressful period, and couldn’t handle it if I actually turned out to be a massive douchebag, she never worked up the nerve to actually contact me about it until most of the dust had settled.

So, for now, the only thing that this changes for now is how her work is going to be credited- she’s using her new meatspace name because all the people that would have have a problem with her working on a hentai game have already had a problem with her transitioning.

Clara might end up doing some work that ends up in the game. I know that having an official composer is a far-off Patreon goal, but for now, I’m giving her a wishlist of a few things I think HC ought to have, and if she produces something I like it’ll get put in the game and she’ll receive fair compensation for it. I’m under no obligation to pay her up front this way, so if things get hectic again and she can’t get things done for whatever reason, it’s not going to disrupt progress on the game.

Music acquired in this way is probably going to end up as some kind of tier preview but will probably be sporadic. It also will be low-key enough that it’s not going to disrupt other aspects of the art budget- if I don’t have the dosh at the time to buy a music track I’ll just wait until I do, eating only into my personal end of the Patreon take. This is all assuming she even produces anything, and while I’m hoping for the best I’m still planning for the worst.

Still, I’m feeling kind of optimistic. I was hoping to get another track or two like “Rescue Me” for the game’s opening and closing, and some of Clara’s other work like “To The Victor” and “Hard Like Diamonds” really help set the tone for the game. Hopefully this will all work out.

Let me know what you think, especially if you’re a patron- if you’ve got skin in the game I’m always happy to hear from you. If you have any good wishes to give, comment away and I’ll pass then on the Clara. I hope everyone’ enjoying Iron Waifu so far, and I’ll talk to you all later!

The Escape Hatch

So, in the last couple weeks more projects got the boot from Patreon for violating their ToS. There’s a lot of theories as to why the standards seem to be continually getting tighter, but honestly I’m not interested in that- I’m just glad they’ve been defending adult projects as long as they have. Whjat I am interested is doing what I can to protect my project.

The sticking points for Patreon- the “big five”- are necrophilia, non-consent, lolicon, beastiality and incest. Harem Collector features two of these things with various degrees of prominence, although we’ve gone to some trouble to make sure that we’re not wearing these elements on our sleeves, so to speak.

However, there doesn’t exist any real alternative. MakerSupport was looking attractive for awhile, until they, too, started cracking down on adult projects. Nutaku might be providing a similar service, but they have yet to roll out anything comparable to Patreon. There is a certain other crowdfunding service which I (NoMoshing) refuse to be affiliated with, and I’d honestly rather go back to pumping gas for a living than allow them to profit from my work.

But I’ve been over all this before, though… what matters is this:

Bad Kitty Games’ next project doesn’t need to have any of non-consent or incest, or any of the “big five” at all.

To be clear, this isn’t kowtowing to Patreon at all- the next project we’re intending to do just doesn’t have a place for incest, and can easily replace the planned but minor amount of non-con with the far more palatable (to Patreon, at least) fetish of mind control, or perhaps leave it for a separate patch or something.

So, if Harem Collector happens to end up under Patreon’s scrutiny, our current plan is to switch the Patreon campaign to supporting our next project. Harem Collector won’t be fading away, either, we’re just going to do a very extended pre-production for our next project while still working on HC. We’ll be as clear as we can about this, and hopefully keep everything at the wink-and-nod level so newcomers to the Patreon campaign don’t get confused.

This isn’t an ideal situation for any of us, and we would much rather be able to finish HC without having to do any of this bullshit. But just so you know, that may not be possible, and we’ve got a plan in place to protect your investment in Harem Collector.

As for our next project, it won’t be Harem Collector 2- even if we were to make the game only have perfectly willing harem girls in it, we couldn’t abandon Meline like that. It is basically a hentai parody of a classic PC game series, and be more of a management sim with strategic elements, with very little RPG in the mix. Quite a departure, I know, but you can be assured it would have the same attention to detail, great game design, and dialogue that Bad Kitty Games is starting to develop a reputation for.

Anyway, I’ve gotta get back to prepping tonight’s minirelease and bug fix updates- Patreon backers of a certain level will get to enjoy a little taste of v0.33, and for the public v0.32.4 will have a variety of fixes for problems that have been plaguing the newer quests. So stay tuned!

A Note on Eyepatches and Booty

So I was somewhat dismayed (though not particularly surprised) to note that earlier this week someone had leaked one of the $5+ backer test releases of HC and made it publically available. So, I have a few things to say about that, if you would please bear with me.

First of all, I know this happens. The reason why Harem Collector isn’t angling for an eventual retail release is because I have no power to fight the piratical hordes of the internet. Nobody does, so I figure, why stress about it?

However, I do use early access as an incentive for people to back Harem Collector’s development. But all that it is is early access. If you really don’t want to spend money on Harem Collector, that’s fine- I don’t pretend to know either your opinion of HC’s value or your financial situation- just be patient and you’ll get free access with no ads on

Another facet of this situation, is that the version that was leaked was a test version that, due to a coding issue, crashes for many users partway through the new content. Well, if you downloaded the leaked copy, I’d love to help you but I can’t. Now, if you were a backer, you would have received the fixed, crash-free version of the game about half an hour ago (BTW, here’s a link to our Patreon page if you’re interested). But, hey, so it goes.

Finally, I’m not usually very open about what our money gets spent on, but due to my living situation, I only need the Patreon to bring in about $900 USD for me to comfortably get by. Almost every penny in excess of that gets spent on game assets- mostly sex scene art and face sets, but not insignificant portions also go to sprite assets and coding assets. So if you want to get more sexy hentai art in the game… well, you get the picture.

Just some food for thought. Have a great Valentine’s Day!