The Characters We Hate (And What They Say About Us)

Hello again! It’s your quasi-absent pal Nekochan here! NoMoshing has run out of topics to talk about (unless you want him to gush about another game again) so has asked me to step in and write…something else.

While searching my brain for topics, I kept returning to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. You see the season finale is tonight [Ed. Note: As of this writing] and I am (somewhat) excited for it. I haven’t enjoyed all of this first season, but there’s been some very great bits. One thing I’m sure NoMoshing is very sick of hearing about (aside from my predictions about who I think’ll get killed), is how much I dislike the character Skye.

Now my reasons for this generally centre around her Mary-Sue-ness but this did get me to thinking about characters I don’t like in Harem Collector.

Ah yes. Him.

Felix. Healbot. Stupid.

Okay so, you may wonder, why don’t I like him? Well personality wise, he’s a stick in the mud. Don’t capture that girl. Don’t be mean to children. Don’t do that cool thing. Ugh. Yet at the same time, I need him. He’s the only person who starts with healing spells. The only one who can cure most status ailments. Isn’t overly squishy like the other mages. Just ugh.

Moving on, while I know these traits bother me, I know MagicWhiteLady likes Healbot. She sympathizes with his plight to try and keep the hero’s id in check. NoMoshing likes him too. Then again, seeing as he created all the characters in the game, I don’t think he dislikes any of them. I’m sure the guy has lots of fans. So why does he piss me off?

I then thought a bit about one of the other loves in my life, Persona. One of the central themes of the Persona series (especially P4), is the idea of facing yourself. In P4, this manifestation was the Shadow. The Other Self. The True Self? The thoughts and traits that characters rejected or struggled with. Now the idea of Persona/Shadow is not unique to aforementioned game series. The ideas borrow heavily from Jungian psychology. But Jung went a bit further than that. The Shadow could also explain why you may dislike other people.

Nekochan's Shadow

If you’re a procrastinator, and hate that you do it (hell, who likes procrastinating?), you may dislike other people who also do it, even if you know it’s hypocritical. Why? Since you hate that you procrastinate, you also hate anyone else who does it too. After all, it’s easier to hate someone else then do the harder thing and look inward and try to do something about your own procrastination.

So with that said, let’s return to Healbot. As postulated above, if I dislike him so much, is it possible I’m projecting something I don’t like about myself onto him? Why did I say I don’t like him again? He’s a stick in the mud. Maybe I think I’m a stick in the mud. Maybe I worry that people only tolerate that trait because I’m somehow needed. When my friends drink, I often don’t preferring to remain the “sane” mind in the room. When we plan gatherings I worry about how everyone will get there and get home and who has work tomorrow so we shouldn’t be out that late and for that matter what is the weather doing that night, is that rain, maybe we should stay home. I play the “ego” to NoMoshing’s “id”.

Maybe instead of irrationally hating a fictional character I should let loose a little more.

PS: This is mostly a thought experiment. You’re totally welcome to disagree. I don’t necessarily subscribe to Jungian psychology myself but I find it fun to overthink things.

PPS: Skye is still a Mary-Sue. I don’t think I’m projecting there.

PPPS: Oh yes, No Moshing did ask me to add one thing unrelated to this post. Backers, please check your email for the Backer release of Harem Collector~! I even got off my lazy ass and got the Player’s Guide (mostly) caught up!

*appears from inside The Box* Freedom~!

Eh okay, not really, all the fun topics I wanted to write about got veto’d. I should’ve filibustered. With cat ears on. Maybe a tail.
NoMoshing has abandoned you once again, leaving you in Nekochan’s loving (?) care.
I joked once with NoMoshing that with the editing permissions he gave me I could start writing posts and make shit I find amusing canon. Like, let’s see, Elaiya wet the bed as a child. There. That’s canon now. (No, it’s not.)
I wonder about really weird things in the HC universe, like how would a dinner party in the manor go? Poor Penelope struggling to make a nice dinner for like 10+ people every night (based on the current number of recruitable ladies)…Alina and Meline are fighting over seats next to the hero…Yamamaya eating all the things…Doll waiting for the hero to remember to give her permission to eat…Healbot hiding under a table to avoid all the insanity…the blacksmith locked outside because the hero couldn’t be bothered to let him in for dinner…
I also imagine that Randi has secret parties at the Eastfort Condo when the hero is staying at the Northmarket manor. Invites all the soldiers. Big ones. Full of sperm. (Too obscure?)
Do you dear blog readers have any “head canon” moments you think occur when the hero isn’t out questing? Or maybe while questing?
The last time I wrote a post I picked out songs that I associate with the characters that had been introduced to that points so since I have your undivided attention…Round 2!
Note: NoMoshing probably doesn’t share my opinion.
First – characters who haven’t gotten any love yet:
Stupid Healbot: I wish I was someone better – Blood Red ShoesIs it just me or does the drummer look like an older Healbot and the guitarist looks a bit like Alina? No? Just me?
Florine: A toss-up between two songs by Marina & the Diamonds, Primadonna and How to be a Heartbreaker
Larelle: Master Passion Greed –Nightwish I like listening to this song during her boss fight. =)
And now for a revision from my last list (because I can):

A conversation

This may or may not have happened while I was working on the Player’s Guide.

Me: Why don’t any of the monsters in the Mourning Wood have MP? They’re not going to use any of the skills you assigned.
NoMoshing: Huh.
Me: You want me to fix it?
NoMoshing: Okay.
Me: *sighs* You’re already getting complaints about the balance…they’re gonna think you’re doing this on purpose.
No Moshing: I didn’t do it on purpose, you did. You just did it.

On another note I still can’t say Mourning Wood without giggling like a schoolgirl. Because I am a mature woman!

That Wifey thing and other Randomness

Hello! I hope it becomes apparent as you read this that I am not NoMoshing. If it doesn’t well…shit. I am Mrs. NoMoshing though online I tend to go by the handle Nekochan. (very original, I know.)
Because NoMoshing hates you has an exam to prepare for, he made the monumentally stupid decision to allow me to make a weekly blog update in his place with next to no direction. I mean he told me to keep it videogamey, but I mean I could just rant about symbolism in Persona for several paragraphs and call it a day. *sigh* I suppose I should behave though, or I’ll just get put in the box again.
A disclaimer: The first hentai game I have played is Harem Collector. While NoMoshing has loved them as long as we’ve been together, I haven’t really taken to them. However, I am slowly becoming a fan of dating sims. Persona got me hooked on Social Links and I could spend the whole day diving into Reyvateils in Ar Tonelico. (side note: I spelt Reyvateil correctly on the first try ^_^)
A second disclaimer: While NoMoshing may bounce the occasional mechanic idea off me, he never discusses plot. If I spoil something about the plot that has yet to be released, it was precognition, not foreknowledge.
Something I’m curious about – how many people are renaming Ferdinand? When I stumbled upon the game, I started calling him Dumbass. Mostly because I found it funny. I keep doing it because it continues to bother NoMoshing. At the very least it’s a quick way for NoMoshing to tell which save files are mine.
This renaming habit actually lead to a permanent default name change. For those that have done the Blacksmith quest line know that you get a new party member whose name you can pick – Doll. Originally NoMoshing wanted Dumbass to call her Slut as the default option. While I don’t mind calling sluts as I see them, Doll didn’t strike me as one, and given the bit of personality info I had to work with at the time, I picked Doll instead. When NoMoshing saw it, he ended up making Doll the new default.
Other habits I have with things – character themes. I love to pick songs I associate with the character. I do it all the time with my RP characters (yes NoMoshing and I are tabletop nerds). So without further ado, songs I have picked so far for Harem Collector!
Alina: Garbage – I hate love (
Meline: Imogen Heap – Sweet Religion (
Therese: Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils (
Doll: Marina and the Diamonds – Valley of the Dolls (
Elaiya: honeyhoney – Little Toy Gun (
I haven’t picked one for Dumbass, though I’m kinda tempted to say Fuck Machine by Mindless Self Indulgence ( and call it a day. No one cares about him anyways, he’s just a vehicle to pick up chicks.
Anyone check out the graveyard in the Eroge? Wondering who the hell those people are? They are all characters who died in games NoMoshing has run/played in. Two of them are my characters he got killed! *sniff*
Anyway to end this, to the first people who responded to him and to those who continue to send emails, leave comments or just lurk and think positive thoughts, thank you.