Harem Collector v0.42.5- The ROYAL Update!

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Changes in this version include:

-Two new quests! Finally, you have the opportunity to take back Eastfort, and get your cute princess reward! Quest chain starts by speaking to the Dark Wanderer in your Eastfort home.
-A new investment opportunity not far from Lumberhill! Now you can become a casino owner so you too can take advantage of the gambler’s fallacy for profit.
-Area of Effect attacks now scale in both damage and secondary effect chance based on the number of targets.
-Gargan’s skills have been revamped.
-The price of vacations has been adjusted.
-New sprites exist for Queen Melfi Regal and Princess Quinta Regal.
-Sex scene with Queen Melfi fully implemented
-Several bugs solved
-We’ve converted all the .pngs to .jpgs now please could those of you with slow internet please remove the needles from those NoMoshing-shaped dolls you have? Thank you…

Next: v0.43, the PRINCESS(?) Update

So, in the past few months we’ve wrapped up two of the major questlines in Harem Collector, and as always, after a major update goes out, the question becomes, what’s next?

The answer, for the next two months, is pretty simple- the delivery of the prize from Iron Waifu 2019, of course!

The PRINCESS update (working title) is, overall, a celebration of the ever-so-sweet Princess Quinta that has excited people’s imaginations (among other things…) for quite some time now. Now that’s she’s finally recruitable in v0.42, our next goal is make sure she has access to everything she needs to fully flourish as a harem girl. That means her Love Quest, Sex a la Carte scenes, chats (I hope), and most importantly, her Sunnyshore vacation interactions.

I have a pretty solid footing for her Love Quest. Playing to Quinta’s sheltered and innocent nature, it’s going to be fairytale themed, and involve a relatively simple task that becomes… unexpectedly complicated. You’ll have to work hard to earn Quinta’s love, and unravel the nonsense storybook rules of a place that isn’t exactly like anywhere else in the Middle Kingdom.

I also want to put some more effort into the Sunnyshore experience with Quinta. She’s one of the few characters that mentions wanting to go to the island specifically, so I think shoring up some of that content would be a good use of my time. There are several other scenes that I want to address as well, notably involving Gargan and Yeon, and I think it’s well past time to do so. Of course, Quinta’s swimsuit and vacation sex scene can’t be ignored in all of this.

As for the other “quest” worth of content, I’m not sure. I’ve been thinking lately of doing a couple more Love Quests before resuming with normal plot-related content, particularly for certain low-demand characters that I’ve known what I wanted to do with them for awhile. But I don’t know if that would be appropriate now, given that I don’t want to steal any thunder from Quinta. She is, after all, the Iron Waifu.

Anyway, hope you appreciate this small update of what to expect in the near future. Until then, I’ve got a lot of work to do before the intermediate update on Friday. Happy fapping!

Keep On Keeping On

Fuck, I missed another blog post Wednesday again….

So, there’s a lot of crazy stuff going on in my life right now. Rest assured that, even if I can’t always communicate effectively or stream every day, that I make keeping my promises to backers and supporters of Bad Kitty Games my top priority.

The next release is shaping up to be pretty good. While it might not have all the bells and whistles compared to the last few releases, there will be two new quests and there is an extra secret or two to uncover, plus some new sprites and art to enjoy.

As for the reason why it’s been so hectic for me lately, it’s a dogpile of several factors. Tax season, mother-in-law’s medical situation, upcoming vacation (which we will hopefully still get to go on…), spring cleaning and repair, etc. It’s just a lot of stuff, and while I mostly have it under control, some of my non-game-development duties have suffered. Sorry!

Anyway, that’s it for this week. Any bets on if I’ll remember for next Wednesday?

Harem Collector v0.39 Public Release!

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Changes in this version:
-You can now complete the “Stranger Things” quest by exploring the crater at the extreme left side of the main map!
-You can also complete a new quest by talking with Jakuhl in the elf village after completing “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”
-The Southport item shop is now for sale… and that means you get to meet new harem girl Miri!
-Larelle’s chat dialogue is COMPLETE as of the current version. She comments on all 28 possible other harem girls, 51 quests, has a short series of personal conversations and explains all her skills and spells.
-Lilac and Violet now have personal things they will share in their respective chat menus if you ask.
-After so long asking, I’ve finally implemented the Delish Candy Co. Headquarters in Westcastle, intended as an extreme late-game or post-game investment. But some of you might NG+ your way through or figure out how to min/max your way there. Either way, there are more benefits to this investment than just extra cash flow- enjoy finding out!
-On top of the full art sex scene with Miri, there are also four new text-only sex scenes, including a solo scene for each of Lilac and Violet, a 4p scene with Chimei, Larelle and Kyrie, and a special “other” scene that’s a bit of a secret.

Holly Jolly Fapmas

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s enjoying the new content in the game and having a good winter holiday. I know I’m looking forward to Christmas Eve the most- Nekochan and I usually make the 24th our “couples Christmas” day, since everyone is usually so demanding of the 25th. We’re exchanging presents then going out for teppanyaki. 😀

Just wanted to let you all know:

-Larelle’s Wallpaper and the backers-only Christmas present will be available for $5+ and $2+ backers respectively on December 25th!

-Yamamaya’s Wallpaper will be available for everyone thee same day.

-There will be no daily streaming from December 24th-January 2nd

-On the 30th will be a special holiday stream, where I will be running a game of the Maid RPG for a handful of lucky supporters, and you’re all involved to watch! Booze will flow, dice will be rolled, and a good time is to be hand by all.

Or else.

Harem Collector v0.37 Public Release

Get it here!

Changes in this version:
-Larelle’s love quest is fully complete and functional, with sex scene and everything!
-Florine has a new quest for you starting in the Northmarket Manor front hall!
-Larelle’s beach vacation sex scene has new art and has been rewritten!
-This is new sex scene art for Larelle’s capture at the end of “Night of the Raping Dead”!
-It is now possible to swap between different sprites for characters with different outfits by examining the appropriate dresser in their bedrooms!
-A new praising event has been added to the game!
-A new revisitable dungeon has been added!
-There are a total of four new text-only sex scenes, including a replacement for Eulania’s placeholder!
-Orange Kid’s sex a la carte menu is now fully implemented!
-Weather effects have been optimized!

No Tumbles

So, Tumblr banning porn is a thing.

If you’ve following my rantings- which, by the way, you shouldn’t, I’m barely an expert on the things I directly control nevermind anything actually important- you’d know that I generally feel that freedom of speech isn’t freedom of platform, and that Tumblr, Twitter, Patreon, and whoever else can do what the fuck they want with their platforms, even if it sucks for me, personally.

But when it comes to Tumblr, I’m actually kind of disappointed in them. Alienating so much of their userbase just to make sure they get included on the app store seems really shortsighted. But then again, that userbase wouldn’t have been there if they didn’t allow porn from the jump, so I guess the lesson here is… don’t allow porn from day one if you don’t want porn, I guess? It’s not like there’s huge crowds of people abandoning YouTube because it’s not PornHub. Or maybe there are? Not an expert, after all.

Either way, if Tumblr is going to burn, we’re going to fiddle in style. Starting on December 16th, I will be uploading the entire gallery of existing and previously used in-game CGs from Harem Collector until they ban me. I suspect it won’t take them long, but you can following it on the official Bad Kitty Games Tumblr Account for as long as that continues to exist.

So long and happy fapping!

Weekly Streaming, Activate!

Hey, we’re almost done the v0.36 backer release, just going to need a couple hours more. But, while I have your attention….

We’re now streaming four times a week, every week!

Our usual twice-monthly voiced and interactive streams will still happen, but “silent streaming”- me just getting work done without the mic on- will now be happening every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1pm-5pm(ish) Eastern time. If there are any changes to this schedule, it will be made public in a Patreon post, so pay attention to that feed even if you’re not a backer!

You can catch all our stream here.

Harem Collector v0.30.5 Public Release

It’s that time again! Here is the newest public release of Harem Collector!

Like always, you can find it here!

Unfortunately, we didn’t quite get the new manor stuff done in time, just a little bit more testing left to do to make sure it’s perfect. But hey, more content for next time, right?

The v0.30 changes include:

-Alina’s love quest has now been implemented! Simply either get Alina to 101 relationship points (or “Chat” with her if you’ve already surpassed that mark) to get the new quest started.
-A new sex scene following the new quest, with art by SacB0y!
-More new icons and tiles by Kumiho!
-Several enemies, most notably swarm based enemies, now take extra damage from AoE attacks

Thank you for following along, and happy fapping!