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  • Use of 30 hashtags per publication

    They must be consistent with the type of content published. When these rules are not respected, obviously, your publication will be delivered to fewer users. Another punishment for the misuse of hashtags is when the user repeats the same hashtag in several publications. If you only use the same hashtags, Instagram deduces that you are not thinking about each post individually and, consequently, you will also be punished. Read also: The most relevant social networks for Brazilians Have you noticed a drop in engagement and reach of your posts? If so, your account may have been punished by Instagram.

    To find out if your account has been shadow banned, you can click on the hashtags used in your posts and then check if your post is appearing in content related to those hashtags. If your posts Gambling Email List appear, rest assured, you were not punished by the social network. But if it doesn't show up, don't despair, because there's even a solution for Shadowban. I WAS BANNED BY INSTAGRAM, WHAT SHOULD I DO? Now that you know how Shadow ban works, you need to know how to get out of it. The first step is to check all the hashtags in your publications, and if there are any banned hashtags (such as the hashtag sextou), you must delete them immediately.

    It's important to clean up your profile. Another thing you should do is this: delete the app from your phone and then download it again. Also don't forget to delete your login from all devices your Instagram is logged in to and leave it saved only on your cell phone. Normally, these small actions are enough to get you out of this punishment, but if they are not enough, you must be inactive on Instagram for at least 48 hours, give Instagram a break and wait. Sometimes the punishment only comes out after a week. But it's all a matter of being patient, check to see if your engagement and reach increase during the week. These alternatives are important to get out of Shadowban for good.