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Salaries in the IT industry from 15 to almost 30% up

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  • Salaries in the IT industry from 15 to almost 30% up

    Seniors employed on B2B earned on average over PLN 27,000. PLN/month The most popular programming language by the number of advertisements and applications was JavaScript. In addition to analyzing data from job advertisements, 3,000 employees in the sector were asked about their actual earnings. The highest DevOps salary declared in the study is PLN 90,000/month. Just Join IT - Poland's largest job portal for the technology industry - has published the Report of salaries and real earnings in IT 2022 . More than 175,000 documents were analyzed for the purposes of the publication. job offers posted on the portal in 2022. The salaries offered in job advertisements were compared with data on real earnings, collected from 3,000 IT specialists in December 2022.the number of job offers for programmers and other employees of the IT sector posted on Just Join.

    IT increased in 2022 by compared to 2021,in 2022 alone, employers were looking for over specialists in the technology industry, in 2022, IT specialists at all levels of experience (junior, mid, senior) could count on four-digit Switzerland Phone Number List increases in the average salary, on the employment contract, the junior could earn the mid and the senior more than a year ago, in the case of self-employment, juniors, young people and seniors could receive 16.5%, 18.3% and 25.1% higher remuneration, respectively, compared to 2021.the range of average salaries in IT for 2022 was from approx. PLN per month for a junior at Up, up to over 30,000. PLN for a senior on B2B,the best-paid specialization is DevOps, where, according to the declarations of the surveyed IT a senior at Up could earn up to PLN 46,000. PLN per month, and the self-employed even 90 thousand. zloty, in 2022, the most wanted were JavaScript and Java programmers, as well as application testers.

    The most popular categories among IT professionals looking for a job were JavaScript, Testing, Java, PM, Python and .NextSeed also: Higher salaries in 2022 and more and more IT job advertisement This year, in our report, we decided to examine the condition of the IT labor market both from the perspective of employers and employees, which is why we provide access not only to data on salaries from job advertisements, but also from the study of real earnings of specialists. The market is still on an upward trend, and the record-high number of job offers, reaching over 175,000, tells us not only about the continuous technological development of companies, but also shows how great the demand for specialists is, and how this deficit shapes earnings. Employers are still willing to pay more for the best talent, and raises of 15-30% are not a challenge for them. The industry's winning streak continues, and choosing a career in IT is still the most profitable option.