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    Human creativity comes from our unique ability to innovate, imagine, and create something completely new based on all our experiences. Conversely, AI is limited by what its human creators teach or program it to do.

    AI cannot think outside the box without human creators providing the right information. Although they can process data faster than humans, they lack the abstract thinking skills that drive true creativity.

    Nevertheless, the concept of co-creation has emerged as interest in using AI in more artistic creative processes such as art, music, and literature has increased. The idea is that AI augments, rather than replaces, human creativity.

    In this way, AI can bring new perspectives and insights to the Phone Number List creative process, while allowing human creativity to become the driving force.

    How LinkedIn Uses Generative AI
    Generative AI has become one of the most popular AI applications on social media platforms. Professional networking website LinkedIn is no exception. Here are some ways LinkedIn users can use generative AI to maximize their profiles on the platform:

    Write a Comment for LinkedIn
    Comments and engagement on posts on LinkedIn have always been lacking. Because LinkedIn is a professional platform, most people hesitate to leave comments, fearing that their answers will be judged as unintelligent, inappropriate, or uninteresting.

    Prospects who create content on the platform want their content to be seen by their network. However, this is difficult to achieve without engagement to increase visibility . AI can solve this problem.

    Technologies like Engage AI exist to act as conversation assistants. Suggest what you could say based on your audience's posts.

    Comment Creation For LinkedIn

    With AI adding a new perspective and a human voice customizing your responses, your prospects will definitely appreciate your comments. Replies can help break the ice and further develop relationships.