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  • Extended Hardmode

    This mod will be adding extra features to further increase the difficulty of the game. This mod however will not be adjusting the hardmode stat so it can be used in conjuction with Omegon's Extra Hard Mode

    This mod is now modular (Sorry just had to make the joke), as in you can now select which features you want enabled at the beginning of the game during the ceremony

    Iron Man
    The first feature is an iron man feature. Meaning once you die all your saves will be invalidated, trying to load a save from a playthrough you died on will kick you back to the main menu. Also only one playthrough per game, so if you make a new game then any saves not from that new playthrough will be invalidated

    Now when your party member dies there is no way to revive them

    Item Limit
    Now you cannot have more than 10 of each item. Only exceptions to this rule is any key items needed for quests, Dark Seeds, Heart Tokens and trash items.

    Party Limit
    Your party will now be limited to only 3 members instead of 4. (If you have any saves prior to v4 this feature will not be unlocked upon installing as it requires you to start a new game to enable it)

    Skill Learning
    You will not be able to learn skills from Book or Orbs permanently. You can however still use the skills by having them equipped

    Field Regen
    Regen effects like Doll's healing and the Rhinestone Gloves, won't work outside of combat

    Field Items
    You can only use items in combat

    Install Instructions:
    1. Dowload the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link
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    Now has a mega link


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      If you can have 3 party members instead of 4... then is it possible to mod in 5 characters also? 5 characters on a super hard mode would be interesting.


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        Originally posted by haremalliance View Post
        If you can have 3 party members instead of 4... then is it possible to mod in 5 characters also? 5 characters on a super hard mode would be interesting.
        This is indeed possible. As far as I know, Sgt Hebert's Helping Hand mod allows for a lot of party members at the same time. At least, he published a graphical tweak to change the display for larger parties (Scrolling Menu mod).


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          I don't see the point of a save point limiter... although I do like the idea of a hardmode and even a punishing, cursed by god hard mode.

          Is the extended hard mode system also working with in conjunction with the new game plus fairy? (In the manor house, the fairy that lets you do new game plus)?

          Also in extended hard mode and the like is there a level limit? Or a level limit remover? A level limit both with or with no level limit would affect being able to do a hard mode, and cursed by god hard mode.


          • RomeoPapa
            RomeoPapa commented
            Editing a comment
            you mean iron man? It's a "If you die, the run is over" mode. If you don't like a feature you get a chance to turn it off.
            I don't see why it wouldn't work with the NG+ fairy? It doesn't remove anything from it, but I also don't test the NG+ fairy.

            As for the anything with limits? if it isn't mentioned in the OP, it's not in there. I however am not against putting stuff in there if people can make a decent argument for it