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    ***This was an April Fools Joke***
    What the mod actually does is, it has a 33% chance of spawning butterflies every time you change maps, and a 20% chance of changing the weather. It also has a chance to swap some NPCs around in specific locations. And lastly it will always swap the sprite of the twins

    I've made several text only sex scenes, some to the harem girls, some to minor NPCs. All of them have special unlock conditions, so have fun hunting until I feel like revealing the secrets muahahahaha :P

    here's some examples of what you may find:
    Minor NPCs

    Yaoi Scenes (NickxHero FTW!)

    Dungeon Scenes

    Install Instructions:
    1. Dowload the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link
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    Now has a mega link