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    This simply allows modders to make their own custom keybinds. And utilize pretty much the entire keyboard to do so.

    First of all, special credit:
    No this script isn't made by me, in fact this is probably the first time where I've 100% just copy pasted without changing the core script
    This is made by V.M of D.T and can be found here

    I have added my own keybinds that will ship with this framework, the keys are

    L which will open up the Load and Save menu
    E for the Equipment menu
    I for the Item menu
    T for the Status menu
    K for the Skill menu

    Here's a list of all mods compatible with this framework
    None so far

    If you are just here to get the framework and the above keybinds then just download MoreKeydinds and install as normal

    Install Instructions:
    1. Dowload the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link

    ***For Modders***

    Now if you are here as a modder to add your own keybinds. Then just follow the instructions below. Or download the Adding more keybinds.txt for instructions on how

    # To setup your own keyboard then in a load in script use the
    # following commands to add one or more of the types you want:
    # To open a scene:
    # $ki_keybinds[SYMBOL] = [COND, :scene, SCENENAME]
    # For a variable change:
    # $ki_keybinds[SYMBOL] = [COND, :var, VAR_ID, AMOUNT]
    # For a switch change:
    # $ki_keybinds[SYMBOL] = [COND, :switch, SWITCH_ID]
    # For a script call:
    # $ki_keybinds[SYMBOL] = [COND, :script, SCRIPT]
    # SYMBOL = Is the key you want to bind this to. A list of binds can be found below
    # Cond = Is the type of button input you want. :trigger will only run it once per button press
    # :press will keep running it for as long as the button is pressed
    # SCENENAME = Is quite simply the name of the scene you are trying to open. Like Scene_Status
    # VAR_ID = Is the id of the variable you wanna change
    # AMOUNT = Is how much you want to change the variable with. Use -x if you want to subtract
    # SWITCH_ID = Is the id of the switch you want to change. They cycle between on/off
    # SCRIPT = Is the script call you want to run. These can be custom made ones too
    # A note because I was asked about it. You can use Script Calls to run a Common Event:
    # $game_temp.reserve_common_event(id)
    # So doing $ki_keybinds[:O] = [:trigger, :script, $game_temp.reserve_common_event(5)]
    # Would run common event 5 when pressing O
    # :backspace, :tab, :enter, :shift,
    # :ctrl, :alt, :pause, :caps,
    # :escape, :space, :pageup, :pagedown,
    # :end, :home, :left, :up,
    # :right, :down, :print, :insert,
    # :delete,
    # :N0, :N1, :N2, :N3, :N4
    # :N5, :N6, :N7, :N8, :N9,
    # :A, :B, :C, :P, :E, :F,
    # :G, :H, :I, :J, :K, :L,
    # :M, :N, :O, :P, :Q, :R,
    # :S, :T, :U, :V, :W, :X,
    # :Y, :Z,
    # :F1, :F2, :F3, :F4
    # :F5, :F6, :F7, :F8,
    # :F9, :F10, :F11, :F12,
    # :num,
    # :scroll, :lshift, :rshift, :lctrl,
    # :rctrl, :lalt, :ralt, :colon,
    # :plus, :comma, :minus, :period,
    # :slash, :tilde, :lbrace, :backslash,
    # :rbrace, :quote
    You are free to include the framework in your mods. I however suggest just directing people to this page instead. As it removes the risk of outdating the framework
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    Now has a mega link