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  • Wardrobe

    I was making a wardrobe script for my small side project with Neo and her cosplays, when I realised this script might be useful to other modders, so did some tweaks on the script to make it more user friendly and be as dynamic as I could make it for yet another framework mod (Mostly because Sgt Hebert said he might use it)

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    ***For Players***

    If you are just here to get the script for a mod that uses it, simply download Wardrobe

    Compatible Mods
    none so far

    Install instructions:
    1. Download the mod from the link below
    2. Extract the file(s) into your /HaremCollector_vxxx folder
    3. Play the game and enjoy the mod

    Mega Download Link:

    ***For Modders***

    Due to nature of what this script does I will have to ask for more than usual with my framework mods. One is I need you to create a folder at "Mods/Graphics/System/Wardrobe/YOUR FOLDER" and put the icons for your wardrobe there. Similar to the folder you'd find "Graphics/System/Wardrobe/Girls" you'd find for base game. The extra folder option is chosen to avoid stuff like toestepping with names

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    Secondly like the girls folder from base game I'll need you to add icons in that folder you just created. These icons should be a single sprite only. And the script can support up to a height of 40 pixels, this is to allow for stuff like hats or long ears or whatever, any higher will still be added, you'll probably just see clipping. The width is still the usual 32 pixels

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    Lastly I will need you to create a hash with some information on your character and an entry for each outfit you'd like added to the wardrobe. Example

    Here's the format:
    alias ALIAS make_wardrobe
    def make_wardrobe
      $wardrobe[:KEY] = {
        :actor_id => ACTOR ID,
        :adjust_var => ADJUST SPRITE VARIABLE ID,
        ADJUST_VALUE => {
          :name => ["SPRITESHEET", INDEX],
          :help => ["HELP TEXT"],
          :icon => ["FOLDER", "ICON NAME"],
          :unlocked/switch/varibles => WILL EXPLAIN IN A SEC,
          :skip => true
    Explaining the keys:
    ALIAS = Must be unique it's to allow for multiple people to use the same method
    KEY = A unique key to reference the specific characters wardrobe
    ACTOR ID = is the ID of the actor to which the wardrobe belongs to. This key
    should only be used if it is for an actor
    ADJUST SPRITE VARIABLE ID = Is the ID of the variable you use for
    the adjust_sprite method
    ADJUST_VALUE = Is the value adjust variable should be set to
    when choosing this outfit
    SPRITESHEET = Is the spritesheet the outfit belongs to
    INDEX = Is the Index on the spritesheet. Use index 0 for spritesheet with "$"
    HELP TEXT = Is the text that shows up in the top window when
    hovering over that outfit. It can support two lines of text.
    1 line is ["TEXT"]. 2 lines is ["LINE 1", "LINE 2"]
    Do not use /n to make a line break, it will not auto-center
    FOLDER = Is the folder in which you put the icons for your outfit.
    It should be a folder somewhere inside "Mods/Graphics/System/Wardrobe".
    This is done to avoid toestepping
    ICON NAME = Is the name of the icon file for this outfit you put
    into the folder from "FOLDERNAME. This can support icons up to a
    height of 40 pixels. This is to allow for stuff like hats
    ADJUST VARIABLE VALUE = Is the value adjust variable should be set to
    when choosing this outfit
    The last argument is the unlock conditions. There are three:
    :unlocked => true
    Will have the outfit unlocked by default
    :switch => [switch id, true/false]
    Will have the outfit unlocked when that switch it set to true or false
    :variable => [variable id, value]
    Will have the outfit unlocked when that switch is equal to or higher than the value
    :skip => true
    Will make it so the outfit doesn't show up in the wardrobe, if you want that for one reason or another
    alias neo_make_wardrobe make_wardrobe
    def make_wardrobe
      $wardrobe[:neo] = {
        :actor_id => 60,
        :adjust_var => 1107,
        0 => {
          :name => ["$Neopolitan", 0],
          :help => ["This is her base outfit"],
          :icon => ["Neopolitan", "NeoBase"],
          :unlocked => true
        1 => {
          :name => ["$NeopolitanAlt", 0],
          :help => ["This is her alternative outfit", "from finishing her armour"],
          :icon => ["Neopolitan", "NeoAlt"],
          :variable => [1106, 7]
    In this example I'm adding Neo's base and alternative outfit to the wardrobe
    To open the Wardrobe use this in a script call

    :KEY = Is the key you chose in your wardrobe hash creation
    For example if you go back to my Neo example you'll see I gave her entry the key :neo ($wardrobe[:neo] = {)
    So I'd have to do
    You are free to include this script in your mod, I however suggest not doing so. Because I might update or bugfix the original code, so if you included it in your, you would have to update aswell or your mod would revert it back. Instead I'd suggest just referring people to this page instead.
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    New version, allows modders to make it so certain outfits doesn't show up, if they so desire for whatever reason


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      Thanks, but download links are missing

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      File still busted. Claims "invalid file specified", possible server fault?

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      It's something the forums sometimes do, I have been planning to move all my mods to Mega just to avoid this issue, just my lazy is kicking >.<

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    Now has a Mega Download Link