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Monstergirl Madness Day 13: Fish

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  • Monstergirl Madness Day 13: Fish

    Hey everyone! The big fish(Pun intended) are unavailable today so you'll have to do with me this time. Today we are going out on the sea, so grab your poles and wellies and let's go fishing. Also apologies if the descriptions are gonna be a bit lacking, this was rather last minute

    Mermaid: You'll find these gentle creatures often atop roof or on beaches looking for a husband. Their voices are said to be magical and being able to charm any man who hears it.

    Merrow: These sexy creatures while resembling mermaids are much more "forward", when they see a man they fancy, they'll use their feminine charm (read big boobs) to seduce him. An interesting little fact about them is they always wear a hat but a marriage proposal from them involves entrusting said hat to whoever they are proposing to

    Mershark: These ferocious looking ones are just as predatory as they look. They have been known to have so strong senses they can accurately pinpoint a man on a ship. It has also been told that because their senses are so keen they will often go wild with lust when detecting a man. Because of their ferocious look and how they will greedily go for a man that happens to fall in the water they have been called man-eaters, when in fact they don't actually consume their prey, they "consume" their prey.

    The poll is expired.

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    Voted Mershark. It's like the other two, but better.

    As a popular youtuber would say, "Why? Because sharks, that's why."

    EDIT: I'm a bit disappointed that we get to choose between only three mermaids. I'd have liked a fully anthromorphic option (Deep One / Zora) and an octopus lady (like Ursula, but sexy), and probably something that would surprise me.
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    • 2095conash
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      Editing a comment
      Yeah, sorry about that. We've run into a few communication issues during round 1 so it's been difficult to add Monster girls that the community suggested for some categories in time. Your suggestions have been noticed though and we've got a plan to be able to ensure that suggestions like yours don't fall through the cracks completely!

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    What, no scilla (aka octopus mermaid)? Well, I would have voted mermaid anyway.