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How companies congratulated customers on the New Year and why they did it

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  • How companies congratulated customers on the New Year and why they did it

    Let's tell you why they use the New Year's email newsletter. Let's show examples that companies sent to their customers for the holiday 2022-2023. Gave gifts and held contests to motivate to buy A holiday email is a great opportunity to reactivate customers who haven't made a purchase in a while or stopped reading the newsletter. To do this, companies prepare special offers that drive customers to click on the banner and go to the store. Shop & Show teleshop, in addition to a postcard banner and congratulations, sent a promo code for a discount to customers.

    An additional motivation to buy is a timer with a countdown until the end of the promotion. He seems to be saying: "A little more - and it will be too late." Shop & Show, view in browser Albania Phone Number List An invitation to participate in a New Year's promotion or contest is also an incentive for inactive customers. So the company "2 Shore" stirred up interest in the brand and launched a festive campaign in which no one was left without a surprise. "2 Shores", watch in browser Haier has launched a series of New Year's emails, each containing a part of a promo code. When the client collected all the parts, he received a 15% discount on the purchase. The promotion increases user engagement and motivates not to miss the company's newsletters.

    Haier watch in browser We sent checklists and selections to encourage the purchase of a gift To help select gifts and save customers time, companies send product selections, home decor ideas, and holiday cheer ideas. Native ads do not annoy users like direct calls to buy, so there is a chance that the client will want to purchase products from the selection. Furniture online store Mebel Shara used a checklist to prepare for the arrival of guests - he told how to surprise and what goods would be needed for this. "Furniture Shara", watch in the browser Tom Tailor took a non-standard approach to the selection of products for children and adults. Email was designed in the form of correspondence with Santa Claus. Such an interactive approach entertains customers and at the same time helps to make a choice for a specific condition.